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The information below is only for provider and system apps.

Click here for information on submitting patient apps

Is your app ready for review? Before submitting your application, please ensure you have completed the following:

 Reviewed Open Developer Experience Terms of Use.
 Reviewed our API Access Agreement.
 Reviewed our Millennium (EHR platform) documentation.
 Documented a GAP analysis for your app against Cerner's Smart on FHIR documentation.
 Reviewed our FAQs page to fully understand the process and all technical, security and validation requirements.
 Developed a working application demo integrating directly with Open Developer Experience’s open sandbox.

The validation process has four main categories of focus, which verify that your solution provides our clients with a great experience: security, functionality, user experience and operations. The following flowchart shows the overall validation process:

Validated apps represent a commitment between Open Developer Experience and your company to ensure that we give our clients high quality applications that are secure and reliable.

Read Terms of Use

Read API Access Agreement

Submit your application

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