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Cerner Millennium is Cerner’s comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) platform that acts as the single source of truth for clinical, operational and financial transactions. Utilizing Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium enables outside applications to be embedded in the EHR workflow.



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Ready to play in the FHIR sandbox?


The code sandbox for Millennium is a secure, virtual testing environment that mimics a live EHR production environment. Use it to watch your app process requests to the FHIR APIs without risk of touching any live patient records.




Our API docs provide specific detail about how to connect with and use Cerner's API to allow you to build better apps.


In our documentation, you will see how you can use Cerner’s implementation of the HL7® FHIR® resources to easily assemble working systems that solve real-world clinical and administrative problems in a fraction of the time of alternative interfaces. When building with FHIR, the basic building block is called a resource. All exchangeable content is defined as a resource. We have implemented a number of the FHIR resources, including those listed below. For a complete list of the resources available see our documentation.





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When you're on a roll, you don't want to lose time searching for answers to your questions. Join our developer forum to discuss issues, share knowledge and connect with other developers. Cerner's API engineers monitor the forum daily and try hard respond quickly to questions that benefit the community.

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how it works

Here are the steps for making your idea a reality.


tinker and test

Once you’ve read through the steps to get started, you’re ready to Start Coding. Review our documentation to learn about the API that exists today and begin innovating! Start building your app against our sandbox to understand what it takes. One major part of moving forward is knowing the specific APIs and/or other data dependencies of your app.




apply and join

Once you understand your app's value proposition and the specific APIs and other dependencies it will have on Cerner platforms, contact us with the and let us know more about you and your app. Which client are you working with to test the app? What does your app do? One of our open platforms associates will review your submission and let you know if your app is a qualifies for the code Developer Program. If it does, you will be contacted with directions for next steps.

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*Due to high demand, at this time Cerner is limiting our developer engagements to those developers who are actively working with a Cerner client to beta test their app.  




validate and launch

Your app must successfully complete Cerner's app validation process. The validation process has four main categories: security, functionality, technical conformance, and operational capacity. We take these steps to ensure that the app and your company are in compliance with the standards that our clients expect and deserve.


All apps must be beta tested by your first client. Your company is responsible for identifying your beta testing partner and finalizing the integration in a production environment. Validated apps will be visible to clients through the App Gallery, and you will be authorized to use the Cerner Ignite APIs with any client who chooses your solution.



EHR API Terms of Use

"The development of SMART on FHIR apps within Cerner Millennium is comparable to smartphones replacing pagers. For years, we've struggled with complex interfaces, faxing and scanning to piece together the patient story. From the patient's perspective, care isn't limited to the four walls of the hospital. FHIR enabled apps that seamlessly integrate with Cerner Millennium create the platform to solve the puzzle".