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What is the Oracle Cerner Open Developer Experience (code)?

Oracle Cerner Open Developer Experience (code) provides third-party developers free, self-service access to API documentation, guidelines and tools to enable app development and deployment.

The technological foundation of code are standards-based APIs, which today are on built on SMART on FHIR standards. Utilizing these Oracle Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium allows us to rapidly scale and better support our API-enabled innovation and health care market. Third party and client developers will find that this approach means that there is great extensibility in the applications that are developed and can be more easily transferable.

Get started today by reviewing the Access and Fees information and steps to register your application.

The code Developer Program offers a set of optional value-add services for client and commercial app developers. This includes a structured, Oracle Cerner-led validation and implementation process to help application developers establish a predictable, standard, secure FHIR API connection within the Cerner Millennium® workflow.

The App Gallery provides a public, searchable listing of validated applications who are in the Advanced Tier. The App Gallery is utilized by Oracle Cerner customers looking for innovative applications that connect via FHIR APIs.

App Gallery listings contain application video demos, use cases, supported devices, and key features. As well as contact information for the developer.

Standard tier applications are not listed in the App Gallery. Oracle Cerner clients can view Standard Tier applications that have been validated by using this link: If you do not see an app you are searching for listed please contact to inquire the status.

Oracle Cerner Ignite APIs is the product name for APIs used with Millennium. For information, including what APIs are available and how to get started, visit

Applications connect via FHIR API connections. Workflow integration options exist utilizing SMART through MPages, PowerChart Table of Contents, or via standalone web connection.

Ignite API for Millennium functionality exists in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Austraila. Oracle Cerner does not offer the code Developer Program in these regions but encourages clients and developers to utilize the available tools to develop and deploy applications. For more information please contact your regional representative.

Many Oracle Cerner clients utilize a standalone Oracle Cerner environment, meaning they are the only health system using that Oracle Cerner environment and have control over how the environment is configured and managed. Other Oracle Cerner clients utilize a shared environment, where in that case there are other health systems utilizing the same environment, and therefore the configuration of that environment is limited to a predefined configuration. It is important to note that for clients utilizing a shared environment, the Table of Contents SMART Launch option as a way to enable access to a SMART App from the Oracle Cerner EHR is NOT a supported option.

Membership Questions

How do I enroll join in code Developer Program?

Details for submitting information for applications interested in joining the code Developer Program are found here.

Organizations who have built an application utilizing available APIs to connect to Cerner Millennium are welcome to submit an application to participate in the code Developer Program.

Yes, we require developers to have a sponsor client commitment from an existing Oracle Cerner.

Applications who have completed validation have seen increases in overall product success, reduction in development and maintenance costs, and strengthened user adoption.

Details and pricing information are located on Access and Fees page.

New applicants to the code Developer Program must build their app using R4 standards.

No. The code Developer Program does not provide marketplace analysis nor help build applications aligned to our products. We expect your application to be market ready. The code Developer Program validation process is not intended to assist with advancing an app in beta stage development. If you are interested in this level of custom service please direct inquiries to

Application developers who wish to participate in the code Developer Program will follow the key steps: build and test their app in the Sandbox and code Console, Submit information about thier app to join at:, a business development associate from Oracle Cerner will follow-up to engage on steps which will include: submitting a demonstration video of your application running in the sandbox, signing a a code Business Agreement, getting access to PowerChat to test embedded SMART launch, Submitting Validation documentation, completing app validation and then requesting project engagement with Oracle Cerner for deployment of application upon contracting by developer with Oracle Cerner clients.

No. The code Developer Program is optional. You can use the sandbox to build and test your app and when ready register it in the code Console for further testing and management of your app. You will be assigned an app id and client id for your app which will would need to be shared with the Oracle Cerner client you would want to work with to deploy your app.

Marketing and Sales Questions

Does Oracle Cerner sell my app?

No, You are solely responsible for the sale of the application produced. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

code Developer Program members (advanced tier) are provided the opportunity to have their application included on the Oracle Cerner App Gallery upon completion of the validation process. We allow use of the code validated logo in your marketing materials. Marketing opportunities are not provided to organizations utilizing the self service option. However, these organizations are subject to marketing guidelines outlined in the API Access Agreement.

Marketing guidelines are outlined in our API Access Agreement.

Oracle Cerner does not accept general solicitations.

Development and Testing Questions

What resources are available for Oracle Cerner client developers?

Tooling and information regarding available FHIR APIs and capabilities, authorization, and tools for building utilizing SMART are available at

This tutorial will walk you through creating an app in Oracle Cerner’s SMART on FHIR ecosystem. After completing this tutorial you will know how to:

  • Create a basic SMART on FHIR app.
  • Self register an app with Oracle Cerner.
  • Run an app in Oracle Cerner’s SMART on FHIR sandbox.
  • Self register an app with SMART Health IT
  • Run an app in SMART Health IT

Yes, we require that you have a public GitHub account.

With HealtheIntent APIs, you can present patients’ longitudinal records, registries and measures, HCCs and other outcomes from across your ecosystem at the appropriate point in the user experience. HealtheIntent APIs are not within scope of code nor code here.

Validation and Implementation Questions

How can I prepare for the validation process?

Your app should be connected to the code domain (sandbox) and in a production ready/code complete state.

HL7 V2 is not supported through the code program. If FHIR APIs don't fully support your use case, you can work with the client to determine if professional services will be required to implement using HL7V2.

Please work with your prospective clients to understand potential unique configurations for each Cerner Millennium instance prior to implementation of your application. Additional FAQ's can be found at

Contact Information

Who do I contact for more information?

For code Developer Program questions please contact For technical questions, engage in the Developer Forum:

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