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Zocdoc is a website and app that connects health systems with millions of patients every month who are looking for new providers.

Health systems use Zocdoc to reach their new patient growth goals, by meeting patients where they are already searching for care. Millions of patients use Zocdoc to see real-time availability, find a provider who accepts their insurance, and instantly book an appointment. Patients access these features via, our mobile apps, and through health system web properties. Zocdoc syncs with Cerner to surface up-to-date appointment availability and delivers the accessible, quick, and simple experience patients expect and deserve. Through Zocdoc, health systems acquire new patients and ensure that patients can book the last-minute available appointments they are looking for.

Use Cases

Fill open schedules with new patients from the Zocdoc marketplace. Health System CEOs and Marketing executives use Zocdoc to acquire new patients at lower risk by paying for new patient bookings rather than clicks or impressions.

Convert your website traffic to patient bookings with our White Label booking technology. Health System tech teams can implement Zocdoc's booking technology on their website, displaying their branding and only their providers.

Get advice on where to open your next location with Zocdoc market demand data. Health System CEOs work with Zocdoc to get valuable insights on where we are seeing patient demand.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Millennium, and Cerner Revenue Cycle

Key Features

Meet patients where they're searching for care. Zocdoc's consumer friendly website and app is the first stop for millions of patients a month who are looking for new providers.

Our technology can be used to capture patients on your web properties. Patients can search for and book a new or existing provider within your health system. It's built using the Zocdoc marketplace technology but displays your branding and only your providers.

Easily track and manage your growth in real time. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to see how many bookings you're getting from Zocdoc.

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