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Xealth Digital Care

Xealth is designed to enable clinicians to prescribe and monitor apps, devices and digital patient education content from within their charting workflow.

To support organizations in patient education, remote patient care and monitoring, Xealth and Cerner are collaborating with the goal of providing clinicians and patients access to digital health care tools. Embedded in the Cerner Millennium® electronic health record (EHR), the offering is designed to enable clinicians to prescribe and monitor apps, devices and digital patient education content from within their charting workflow. With a single IT/IS integration to core infrastructure, vendor onboarding is streamlined, requiring less IT/IS staffing, and controlling and tracking data flow to increase security. In addition, the collaboration is designed to:

  • Embed digital health options into Millennium
  • Enable clinicians to prescribe digital health care tools within the Cerner EHR
  • Enable clinicians to send ordered tools via email to the patients or load them into the Cerner patients portal solution, HealtheLife℠, where patients access the digital tool to engage in content, download an app or program or link a device
  • Enable clinicians to track patient activity and integrate monitoring data into Millennium, enabling clinicians to see what's happening with their patient without leaving the patient record

Use Cases

  • A patient schedules a Physical Therapy Appointment, the moment that patient arrives Xealth might programmatically enroll the patient into a digital therapeutic for virtual PT rehab planning plus remote monitoring. A clinician now can assemble the patient’s rehab plan directly from PowerChart without having to manually register the patient inside of the app.
  • A patient schedules a surgery, 15 days before the surgery Xealth automatically delivers patient education about the procedure and what to expect when he or she arrives. Five days before the surgery Xealth delivers patient education about the discharge process and rehab. If the patient cancels or reschedules the surgery, then Xealth automatically adjusts the delivery of information accordingly.
  • A patient has a PHQ-9 screening of 13, indicating depression, the clinician loads the Digital Care SMART on FHIR application from PowerChart, and it automatically suggests a digital therapeutic for behavioral health. The clinician then clicks ‘Order’, and Xealth enrolls the patient into the application. The clinician can now remotely monitor the patient’s progress directly from the Digital Care SMART on FHIR application within PowerChart.
  • A woman suspects she is pregnant so schedules a visit with her OB/GYN. During the visit, her provider confirms her pregnancy and calculates her Estimated Due Date (EDD). To provide additional care remotely, her provider orders a maternity app used on mobile phones, through Digital Care within PowerChart. Xealth, through its APIs, sends appropriate patient data, including the EDD, to Babyscripts for automatic enrollment in the platform. The patient is able to download the app from her phone’s app store, enter in her activation code, and continue use of the tool. Inside PowerChart, the physician and other clinical staff are able to monitor the patient’s engagement with the app and provide appropriate clinical care.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Integrated Digital Tool Ordering

Xealth enables an embedded ordering experience within a provider’s existing charting interface inside PowerChart. Xealth automatically presents digital health solutions to clinicians that relate to their specific patient based on criteria determined by the health system, such as: diagnoses, gender, BMI, specific ambulatory clinic, insurance information, etc. The health system also chooses which vendors and programs appear. Xealth combines disparate tools into a single screen for easy ordering and prescribing.

Monitor Patient Engagement with Digital Tools

Xealth’s Monitor dashboard gives providers and / or care teams a consolidated view of patient interaction with all prescribed tools as well as information being generated from those tools, such as remote patient monitoring data. Xealth enables care team members to get an at-a-glance view of the patient activity - if a tool is being used, a video watched, questionnaire completed or attempted, and other details. Xealth’s Monitor view can embed a third-party vendor’s dashboard, display the questionnaire and patient’s responses, and even render a device’s usage so that care teams do not have to toggle back and forth between multiple dashboards.

Analytics Across Enterprise Digital Health Ecosystem

Xealth provides reporting about all digital tools integrated into the platform, including patient engagement rates, segmentation by basic patient details, provider engagement rates, and more - all across disparate third-party vendors. This enables organizations to better manage their entire digital health ecosystem.