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VeeOne Health's VeeDoc offers a single, unified virtual care platform for the entire care continuum with scalable and intuitive solutions to improve both the provider and patient experience.

VeeDoc provides everything you need to serve remote patients across the entire care continuum. Now you can examine and treat remote patients, document your notes and collaborate with other clinicians — all in one app from within Cerner. VeeDoc supports seamless integration with interpretation services with 50+ languages including ASL, multi-party sessions with other provides and family members, and integration with peripherals like stethoscope, ENT scope or portable ultrasound machine.

Use Cases

  • Direct Connect ICU Rounding: VeeDoc makes round and respond easy. From the patient's chart within Cerner, a provider can connect to bedside endpoint through VeeDoc and instantly conduct a video visit without any need of scheduling or intervention from the bed side.

  • On-Demand Acute Care: VeeOne’s platform allows on-demand acute care video sessions without requiring any manual intervention using a call center like on other telehealth platforms. Our VeeKart application easily let’s nurse or staff to generate a virtual video session for any specialty needed in ED or ICU or anywhere else. With our automated call routing, a provider can be connected to the endpoint via VeeDoc within a minute saving precious time in case of emergencies.

  • Ambulatory Care: Create quick or scheduled outpatient appointments directly from Cerner using VeeDoc’s ambulatory care module. Provider can connect to outpatient video visits from VeeDoc within Cerner.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

VeeOne Health's VeeDoc is available on desktop for Cerner, but can also be accessed via VeeDoc mobile app.


Other (VeeKast, VeeKart)

Key Features

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Direct Connect

Connect to any telehealth video endpoint within the hospital system with just one click. Easily conduct ICU or general rounding using VeeDoc's DirectConnect feature.

Telehealth Requests Across Care Continuum

A provider can view all their virtual requests across the care continuum on Cerner's Organizer view. VeeDoc provides a single unified view to show all telehealth visits going through your healthcare system at any instance.

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Easy Ambulatory Video Visit

VeeDoc's easy scheduling tool allows providers to connect with their patient at home for an immediate video visit via Quick Appointment or a future video visit via Scheduled Appointment.