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ThinkAndor® is an AI-powered virtual health platform leveraging Open AI and ChatGPT. With ThinkAndor®'s end-to-end DFD experience, Cerner users can enable a sustainable virtual health strategy across the care continuum.

Andor Health is the first-to-market virtual health collaboration platform leveraging AI-powered models, like OpenAI/ChatGPT, to orchestrate virtual collaboration experiences with clinical context. Our platform, ThinkAndor®, coordinates contextual workflows across 5 key pillars of virtual health: Virtual Visits, Virtual Rounding, Virtual Patient Monitoring, Virtual Team Collaboration, and Virtual Community Collaboration.

ThinkAndor® has received multiple recent awards, including ranking as the #1 Virtual Care Solution by Black Book in 2023 with the Highest Client Satisfaction! In 13/18 KPIs, Andor Health ranked #1 across all 5 pillars of virtual health & collaboration. With our deep Cerner integrations, ThinkAndor® extends these same award-winning workflow orchestration capabilities to Cerner users.

  • Voice-to-text clinical notes
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Secure collaboration channels
  • ThinkAndor AI virtual assistant provides relevant content and clinical context to visits and care teams

By providing real-time clinical data and relevant information, ThinkAndor® empowers providers to communicate and take the next appropriate clinical action with bi-directional integration to the electronic health records (EHR).

Use Cases

Care teams and patients are able to leverage our technology to connect and interact, orchestrating numerous in-patient, ambulatory, hospital at home and remote care experiences including the following use cases infused with AI and EMR content:

  • Virtual Visits: Cerner-integrated Virtual Visits provide full outpatient virtual visit capabilities with a configurable Digital Front Door (DFD) experience to orchestrate Virtual Waiting Room experiences for patients, surfacing the ability to capture intake, assessments, and personalize their visit with: family invitations, closed captioning, and interpreter services. With the ThinkAndor® Virtual Assistant guiding the process, distributed workflows can be orchestrated, and with our OpenAI/ChatGPT ThinkAndor® Virtual Assistant in every session, curated context can automatically be brought into the virtual visit experience and automated SOAP note documentation can be created in real-time.

  • Digital Front Door: A complete AI-assisted Digital Front Door (DFD) experience servicing users in any care setting allows for complete symptom triage with line of service navigation, virtual waiting room experiences, and post-care workflows, such as capturing patient self-reported outcomes in Remote Patient Monitoring. The Andor Health Digital Front Door has been documented in independent case studies to reduce unnecessary ED admissions by as much as 64%.

  • Virtual Rounding & On-Demand Remote Consults: With a role-based hierarchy, enterprise taxonomy, and intelligent alert routing, ThinkAndor® can be leveraged by health systems to request for specialty consults such as TeleStroke, TelePsych, Tele-Hospitalist, and other resources on-demand, and automatically alert and bring in available, on-shift clinicians directly to bedside devices virtually. ThinkAndor® inpatient virtual consults capabilities that support rounding experiences for specialty consults - such as virtual nursing, virtual sitting, and other on demand clinician consult experiences - have been shown in published cases studies that when applied to ED Triage, this solution not only reduced the average bed to disposition time by about 18 minutes, but decreased the LWBS rate by over 17% and improved patient safety throughput by 2x.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring & Hospital at Home: ThinkAndor® helps nurses, care team members, and case managers track patient metrics across 50+ pre-configured care plans with patient self-reported assessments and a full biometric device suite leveraging AI to raise care team alerts and deploy interventional services virtually and to the home.

Available in These Countries

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Key Features

5_pillars image

ThinkAndor® Enterprise Virtual Health Suite

This broad overview of Andor's offerings highlights the five pillars and associated use cases that the ThinkAndor® platform addresses. As the only platform to fully address ALL five pillars, ThinkAndor® was ranked as the #1 Virtual Care Solution with the Highest Client Satisfaction in Black Book’s 2023 report and was named a Top New Telehealth Innovation in the "Rising Star" category at UCSF's 2022 Digital Awards.

5_pillars image

Virtual Command Center – A Comprehensive Set of In-Patient Virtual Patient Experiences

ThinkAndor® offers a comprehensive solution for the many distinct use cases reached through the virtual command center, including virtual rounding, virtual sitting, remote specialty consults, access to a virtual on-demand network, and virtual nursing. Using Andor’s Virtual NursingGPT(TM) features, health systems can provision and active patients in-room or at home, coordinate tasks and data, and support multi-disciplinary collaboration with providers on and off-site. With a low cost of implementation from our device agnostic platform and improved provisioning of resources, Andor users have been able to triple nursing capacity and decrease the Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) rate by 36%.

dashboard image

Clinician - Waiting Room and Dashboard

This image showcases the streamlined ThinkAndor® dashboard, including accompanying statuses tracking patient progress in the virtual waiting room. From this dashboard, providers can monitor the status of upcoming appointments, review patient details, and unify the calendar & 'join' session experience, helping to reduce abandonment rates by 35% and see, on average, 2 more patients per day.

Digital-Front-Door-Virtual-Visits img

Digital Front Door/Virtual Visits

Represented are just a few of the patient and provider facing screens possible in the ThinkAndor® digital front door (DFD) and virtual visit experience. As patients progress through the virtual waiting room, they are presented with a number of configurable DFD screens with content that can be tailored to symptom questionnaires, image uploads, insurance and payment changes, and the ability to request a callback or invite family members. Once a patient has joined the session, provides can surface relevant patient content on the right side of their screen using the AI virtual assistant.

patient_details img

Patient Details

For this example patient, the provider is able to review demographic information, monitor device data, and boost revenue capture with features like the automatic time tracking clock (seen in the upper right corner) for each patient in an RPM program. Using this, providers can increase billing hours by as much as 20%.