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The CARE Program

A unique end-to-end solution to using genetic insights and support to identify patients at high-risk of cancer, allowing you to focus on what matters most – better, informed care.

With cancer, identifying patients most at risk is at the heart of an effective early detection and prevention program. Genetic testing can provide a powerful link to understanding inherited risk, but it needs to be managed in an effective and efficient way. Developed by Ambry Genetics, the CARE Program streamlines screening, provides education on genetic testing, and links test ordering and results together in one platform with tools directly imbedded in Cerner. As a true end-to-end solution, CARE provides physicians and patients with genetic insights and support, making it easy to guide medical management and make personalized treatment decisions.

Use Cases

  • Identify patients at increased risk of hereditary cancers: Cancer risk assessment and genetic testing programs are critical for identifying patients who may be at increased risk and may benefit from tailored medical management. The CARE Program’s highly effective screening process begins with a patient questionnaire to collect personal and family history. This questionnaire is delivered via text or email using AVA (Ambry Virtual Assistant), a user-friendly patient portal designed specifically for optimal patient engagement.

  • View medical genetic history and screening scores: With the collection of the medical genetic history, the CARE Program uses the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) genetic testing criteria. Any patient who meets these criteria will be offered genetic testing. Additionally, the personal and family history may be used to run various risk models, such as Tyrer-Cuzick, which calculates a women’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

  • Facilitate genetic test ordering and pre-test patient education: The CARE Program’s streamlined process automates the ordering of genetic testing for patients meeting criteria. As part of this program, participating patients will receive pre-test education about genes, hereditary cancer, genetic testing, implications of test results and other topics.

  • Manage genetic testing results and deliver post-test genetic counseling: The genetic test results and clear next steps regarding medical management recommendations will be provided so that the referring physician is well-equipped to manage the patient’s care moving forward. Genetic counseling is made available to all patients who undergo genetic testing and can be scheduled through the portal. There is no cost to these patients for post-test genetic counseling.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

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Key Features

Seamless Integration with Cerner

The CARE Program integrates with Cerner Millennium to support a unique end-to-end cancer risk management program that delivers a seamless experience with your existing workflows.

Ambry’s Virtual Assistant (AVA)

AVA is an easy-to-use, secure tool that collects family and personal histories, provides pre-test education, and assists with patient scheduling of genetic counseling appointments. Based on a clinic’s upcoming schedule in Cerner, AVA contacts patients via phone/email to initiate the screening process.

Integrated Provider Portal

Customized for providers and healthcare staff, our provider portal is accessible within Cerner Millennium PowerChart and provides integrated patient medical genetic history, high-risk scores, AVA screening responses, and other capabilities.

Industry Leading Genetic Testing Provider

The genetic testing service provided by Ambry Genetics, a best-in-class in the clinical testing laboratory. For over 20 years, Ambry has maintained an unparalleled track record of quality, innovation and comprehensive analysis that enable clinicians to confidently inform patient health decisions.

Post-Test Genetic Counseling for Patients

Telehealth appointments are available within 24 hours and patient scheduling can be accessed on any mobile device via the virtual assistant.