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TeleVox Omnichannel Patient Relationship Management Platform

TeleVox, has been a leader in digital patient engagement for 30 years. The omnichannel communication platform automates EHR-integrated digital engagement, improves outcomes, reduces staff burden while improving healthsystem financials.

Our AI-powered Omnichannel Patient Relationship Management Platform empowers health systems to foster stronger patient connections, streamline operations, and elevate digital engagement with the help of automation and conversational SMART SMS, voice, web, and chat.

Our integrated solution actively contributes to improved health outcomes, preventive care, and efficient appointment management. We enhance care coordination, positively impact population health, and significantly reduce operational costs. Through seamless integration with your EHR, our platform ensures personalized, automated, and two-way interactions, lightening the operational burden on staff, boosting revenue, and simplifying healthcare communication for all stakeholders. TeleVox is the future of patient relationship management.

Use Cases

  • A clinic receives a referral for a patient and sends an automated message to schedule the appointment in the patient’s preferred communication channel. With TeleVox’s automated referral messaging, patients can self-schedule appointments without having to pick up the phone. This streamlines the referral process for both patients and clinic staff, and makes it easier for patients to get the care they need quickly and conveniently.

  • Three days after the new appointment is scheduled, the patient is sent a reminder. A family emergency has come up, and the patient is no longer able to attend the appointment. The patient then cancels the appointment. Patients can confirm or cancel their appointment at any time without having to call the clinic. This improves the patient experience while reducing staff burden to handle calls. In addition, text message reminders can help patients remember their appointments and avoid missing them.

  • After canceling the appointment, the patient has received a notification to reschedule. The patient replies to the message with a request to reschedule the appointment through SMS. TeleVox's platform empowers patients to take control of their own care by allowing them to reschedule appointments through text message. This streamlined scheduling process, improves the patient experience, and makes it more likely that patients will keep their appointments. Overall, the ability to confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments through text messages can improve the patient experience and make it easier for patients to get the care they need.

  • Our patient engagement software is essential for maintaining high-quality service in the face of healthcare's many challenges, from complex regulations to shifting reimbursement methods. Unlike standard healthcare technology, our platform is carefully designed to meet the evolving needs of both patients and professionals. It excels in providing flexible multichannel digital outreach, ensuring easy and natural engagement. When you invest in our solution, you're combining creativity and empathy to ensure that each interaction is more than just a business transaction – it's a step toward comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

Compatible Cerner platforms (Powerchart, Patient portal, Mobile devices, etc.)

PowerChart, CommunityWorks, Revenue Cycle, Schedule Book, HealtheLife

Key Features


Patient Self Schedule and Reschedule:

Appointment Reschedule workflows enable appointment rescheduling directly to your EHR via SMS. Integrated workflows can connect your patient directly to your call center (Live Connect) or can connect to Live Chat allowing front-desk and back-office staff to chat directly with patients.


Patient Appointment Cancel and Confirm:

With appointment reminder workflows from TeleVox, patients can confirm or cancel their appointments via SMS, calls, or emails.


Same-Day Automated Appointment Reminders:

With same-day appointment reminders, patients are sent a reminder on the day of their appointment via SMS, calls, or emails lowering the likelihood of a missed appointment. Patients are provided important visit information, such as appointment time and clear appointment instructions.


Actionable Automated No-Shows:

TeleVox provides a flexible workflow that automates and manages your healthcare system’s missed appointment communications. Our automated no-show workflow reaches out digitally through SMS, phone calls, and emails to notify patients about their missed appointments and help them reschedule using Live Connect or self-scheduling.


Campaigns with Secure Chat

Automated campaigns optimize patient outcomes while also improving office HCAHPS scores and increasing revenue. These campaigns and other messages can incorporate TeleVox’s Live Chat capability. Our Live Chat facilitates staff or patient-initiated texting, augmenting both call centers and supporting back-office and front-office communications.