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Tecsys Elite™ Healthcare Point of Use

Tecsys is a provider of transformative supply chain solutions that equip healthcare organizations to achieve operational greatness. Tecsys helps customers manage costs, capture product utilization and achieve supply chain visibility.

At Tecsys, we believe that better healthcare supply chain management helps your organization provide better patient care. Over the past decade, health systems and hospitals have begun transforming their supply chains through enterprise-wide automation and new technology.

The Tecsys Elite™ Healthcare Point of Use system helps ensure that efficient, automated processes are deployed throughout the hospital to manage costs. This automation leads to controlled, orderly storage supply areas where staff can easily find what they need. Tecsys supports logistics activities and simplifies user interactions at the point of use with RFID, barcode and mobile technologies.

Use Cases

  • Tecsys mobile inventory application and scanning technologies capture accurate product usage and demand assessments while improving and accelerating replenishment activities. We significantly simplify data capture to boost efficiency and accuracy across daily system operations enabling organizations to track supplies, easily maintain your inventory locations and access product information.

  • Barcode technology and intuitive workflows come together to guide and simplify user interactions, creating intuitive and undemanding supply chain activities. Our solutions eliminate time-consuming manual processes and provide real-time tracking of product movement in addition to inventory visibility across the front line of service.

  • Integrated seamlessly with your EHR and other clinical systems, Tecsys solutions simplify materials documentation and case consumption capture. This helps you avoid disruptions in clinical workflows, capture UDI effortlessly for intraoperative supply usage and eliminate any double-entry processes.

Available in These Countries

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • France
  • UK

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

App Version Details Requirements

Our applications run on IE11, Edge and Chrome and has been built to run within Powerchart.


"We have realized significant savings from our Consolidated Service Center by optimizing back-office operations," says Carmen Winfield, vice president of Procurement Service for McLeod Health. "With Tecsys across our clinical areas, our organization will have access to more accurate usage data and analytics. This helps us be more efficient and better positioned to make strategic supply chain decisions that maintain our standards of excellence while optimizing inventory availability and controlling costs."

Key Features

Manage Point-of-Use Consumption

Track products requiring item-level traceability from receipt into inventory to utilization for a patient. Our solutions automate the management of critical specialty items used in any procedural areas to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and provide real-time tracking of product movement and usage across the front line of service.

Automate Case Management

With Tecsys, you're empowered to improve clinical workflows, capture UDIs effortlessly and eliminate duplicated effort, helping to prevent patient case delays and cancellations, reduce the risk of errors and accurately close the case-costing loop. Our system contributes to per-procedure and per-physician costing insights, standardization of physician preference items and fact-driven preference card optimization.

Gain Inventory Visibility

Tecsys enhances the quality and availability of inventory information, helping to prevent product expiration, reduce product loss and support regulatory compliance. Tecsys also provides visibility into the inventory that vendors store inside your facility, reducing the need for time-consuming manual intervention and giving you vital insights into consumption levels by product.

Optimize Replenishment

Optimize your supply replenishment processes with PAR count, two-bin Kanban and perpetual inventory management solutions. Through automation, RFID, barcode and mobile technologies, Tecsys enables orderly storage supply areas where staff can easily find what they need.

Elevate your Supply Chain Insight

Tecsys' business intelligence and analytics tools make it easy to monitor and improve ongoing supply chain performance, enabling you to reduce costs, recover clinical time and provide greater value for your patients. Tecsys' applications give hospital managers and administrators extensive, accurate utilization and cost data, empowering them to make confident business decisions.