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Swift Skin & Wound Evaluations

Swift is the world's leading AI-powered wound management platform, bringing clinically calibrated wound imaging, automatic measurements, and advanced analytics to your mobile device and directly integrated with Cerner.

Swift empowers thousands of healthcare organizations across North America to provide exceptional wound care, improving staff efficiency, quality, and patient experience. Swift digitizes and automates clinical and administrative wound care workflows using three key components: (1) the smart phone-ready Swift Skin and Wound app that provides touchless wound measurement, visualization, and automatic data capture; (2) the Swift Healx, an FDA-cleared adhesive marker that calibrates each image for size, color, and lighting; and (3) Swift Dashboards that can be viewed within Cerner to streamline quality reporting and get real-time insights, such as which patients are at risk of developing new wounds.

Use Cases

  • Floor nurses use the Swift Skin & Wound app to document wounds on admission and complete Braden risk assessments, standardizing data collection, ensuring documentation compliance, and streamlining communication with the Wound Care team.

  • Inpatient wound care specialists use Swift to more effectively triage consult requests, provide virtual consults, and increase efficiency in time to consult and length of consult.

  • Outpatient wound care teams use Swift to improve healing rates, increase staff efficiency, and reduce claims denials.

  • Leaders and administrators use the data collected in Swift to streamline quality reporting, monitor compliance, and track patient outcomes.

Available in These Countries

  • United States
  • Canada

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible Cerner platforms

Key Features

Enable bedside staff to identify and document all wounds upon admission.

Swift provides every nurse, regardless of training, with a standardized method of capturing wound images supported by accurate, consistent measurements. Assessment data is automatically integrated into patient charts, eliminating the need for double documentation. With your hospital’s best practice guidelines and protocols readily available in the Swift Skin and Wound App at the bedside, front line staff have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Proactively monitor and manage at-risk patients.

Swift’s configurable workflows and alerts allow wound care teams to get better visibility into the hospital’s wound population and in turn, spend their time more efficiently. Swift empowers front line staff to capture skin and wound assessments, alerting wound care teams to which patients are more likely to develop wounds so they can proactively intervene with appropriate treatment and care plans.

Rapidly react to new and worsening wounds.

Swift Dashboards provide improved visibility across your hospital’s wound care population. Real-time reports help identify trends and allow for deeper analysis to improve quality metrics. Surveillance dashboards provide aggregate data, making prep for skin integrity meetings fast and easy.

Remote real-time care with complete patient visibility.

Beyond video, the Swift patient app offers calibrated imagery, remote automatic measurements, and healing progression dashboard so care continues even when the patient is at home.

The world's first hyperspectral device that fits in your pocket.

The Swift Ray 1 allows you to measure the invisible in any lighting, on any skin tone.