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Suki Assistant

AI clinical assistant that lifts the administrative burden from clinicians. Integrated with Cerner, it uses generative AI to automatically create notes by ambiently listening to patient-clinician conversations.

Suki Assistant is an AI clinical assistant that helps users save time on tedious administrative tasks. Using generative AI, Suki ambiently listens to patient-clinician conversations and automatically creates notes. It streamlines coding and can be used to retrieve patient information, like vitals, from Cerner. Completed notes are sent back to Cerner, updating the relevant sections. Suki has deep, bidirectional integration with Cerner so it can be seamlessly incorporated into clinicians’ workflow. Suki manages the integration and deployment process, so the lift from clients’ IT teams is minimal.

Use Cases

  • Clinical documentation: Suki ambiently listens to patient-clinician conversations and automatically generates suggestions for the note. Easily review, edit, or reject the suggestions. Once completed, Suki sends the note back to the relevant sections in Cerner. Clinicians finish their notes 72% faster on average with Suki.

  • Coding: Suki streamlines ICD-10 coding and pulls in applicable HCC codes, saving clinicians time and reducing cognitive burden.

  • Ask questions: Suki can retrieve patient information from Cerner with a simple voice command. Ask Suki to show your patient’s vitals, lab results, medications, and more and Suki will pull the latest information from Cerner.

  • Enterprise-grade: Suki is used by leading health systems across the country because it’s designed to meet their requirements.

  • Deepest Cerner integration available. Bidirectional, read/write integration so it works seamlessly with Cerner.

  • Reliable and scalable. From 100 to 100,000 clinicians, Suki supports health systems of all sizes, dependably.

  • AI that's safe. Designed to minimize the risk of hallucinations and bias, and ensures content is clinician-reviewed before it's sent back to the EHR. Suki is also SOC2 Type2 certified and HIPAA.

  • Hassle-free implementation and support. Our best in class deployment process requires minimal IT resources from your organization. Plus, we’re available 24/7/365.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

kelly green ambient

Suki Assistant ambiently listens to a patient-clinician conversation to automatically create a clinical note.

kelly green suggestion

Generated content is presented as suggestions that users can easily accept, edit, or reject.


Ask Suki to retrieve the latest patient information, like labs, from Cerner.


Suki suggests ICD-10 codes for documented problems and will pull in the applicable HCC codes.

kelly green close up note

Once the note is done, it's sent back to Cerner where it's available in the Documentation tab. The note can be edited, if needed. The final note is signed in Cerner.