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Point of Care Assist Demo


Point of Care Assist, Powered by RxRevu

Point of Care Assist brings benefit information - eligibility, gaps-in-care, prior authorization, specialist and lab referrals - into the Cerner workflow, saving time and reducing friction for patients and providers.

Healthcare is becoming more complex for both patients and providers. That's why RxRevu and UnitedHealthcare are working together to simplify the healthcare system for everyone. Together, we've developed Point of Care Assist, which brings patient coverage information into Powerchart, streamlining care by displaying out-of-pocket service costs and lower-cost alternatives without leaving the EHR.

Use Cases

  • Get enhanced insights on patient benefits and needs: receive automatic alerts for patient care needs and view comprehensive benefit and lab selection information.
  • Save time and money: help patients choose lower-cost care options and find in-network physicians who have met care quality criteria. Check prior authorization, eligibility, and referral requirements in real-time, to reduce administrative burden and re-work.
  • Improve satisfaction and results: simplify the care process and increase cost transparency to improve patient satisfaction. Improve care quality and your ability to meet incentive program targets.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Available to any FHIR-enabled Powerchart client

Key Features


Our Referral service allows providers to instantly see the specialists available in their patient’s health plan network.

Gaps in Care

The Gaps In Care service identifies and notifies providers of open services commonly associated with quality and/or performance measures.


Our Lab Selection service offers instant access to laboratory care providers in your patient’s health plan network, along with related out-of-pocket costs.

PA Quick Code

The Prior Authorization service allows users the ability to see if a prior auth is needed for a procedure and in which care settings.

Patient Overview

Enables a user to view a rolling history of a patient’s care including procedures, diagnoses, visits, medications, and immunizations, with an optional drill-down to the details of each.