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Rimidi streamlines comprehensive diabetes management for clinicians and patients, helping optimize treatment decisions and patient outcomes.

Rimidi is a cloud-based software platform that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, with specific platforms for diabetes, heart failure, and fatty liver disease. Created by doctors, Rimidi’s platform works within your Cerner EHR and derives actionable insight for clinicians and care teams by connecting patient-generated health data with clinical data from the EHR. The net effect is a better health system with optimized clinical workflows that enable better decisions, better relationships, better outcomes, and ultimately a better healthcare system.

Use Cases

  • A physician sees a diabetic patient in the office and views the patient’s glucose and lifestyle data through the EHR. The physician visualizes the impact of therapy adjustments, creates a dynamic care plan with each encounter that the patient accesses at home and remotely monitors the patient on follow-up.
  • A patient tracks all of her diabetes data on her smartphone. She can see whether she is in her target range, receive messages from her care team, and access educational materials recommended to her.
  • A care coordinator monitors a clinic’s patients with diabetes, heart failure or fatty liver disease remotely, ensuring that they are meeting clinical guidelines and helping to avoid costly admissions and readmissions. She is prompted if Rimidi identifies an opportunity to close gaps in care.
  • A primary care physician scans a patient population in the Rimidi app and sees several patients with cardiometabolic risk factors are at risk for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The physician receives guideline-based, clinical decision support to guide the patients to the appropriate level of care—whether that’s a specialist referral, bloodwork, or imaging.
  • A certified diabetes educator moderates a virtual diabetes self-management education course that is accessed by patients on their phones or tablets. The CDE messages patients who need follow-up and sends patients.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart , Cerner Millennium, Cerner Soarian


“The tight EHR integration that SMART on FHIR offers apps is increasingly looking like the path forward in areas such as clinical decision support where physicians have long resisted the use of tools that were separate and even apart from their EHR and might even require duplicate data entry.”

Dr Mark Braunstein, MD, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Key Features

Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Diabetes+Me seamlessly launches within the Cerner Millennium workflow, bringing comprehensive diabetes care to the clinician’s fingertips at the point of care. Wellbeing score dynamically calculates a patient's progress against practice guidelines to help prioritize and triage the patient population.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient-generated health data is displayed within the clinical workflow including blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring, activity, stress, weight, blood pressure, and medication adherence. The application supports integration to medical devices and fitness tracking applications.

Personalized Goal Setting

Clinicians can leverage clinical guidelines to set health targets for patients within the application and can also personalize patient goals. Data throughout the patient and provider user experiences are mapped against these goals and color-coded to reinforce progress towards goals.