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Regard (formerly HealthTensor) uses proprietary algorithms to automatically recommend diagnoses and documentation on behalf of physicians. The result is significantly reduced documentation time, fewer missed diagnoses, and improved documentation.

Regard (formerly HealthTensor) serves as a trusted colleague to providers. By continuously reviewing patient data, our proprietary algorithms identify and highlight potential diagnoses and generate appropriate documentation. We are able to save providers time, reduce the burnout associated with many administrative documentation tasks, and enable care teams to spend more time with their patients. Regard is integrated directly into existing Cerner workflows using SMART on FHIR. This means providers can easily and efficiently start every note with Regard confident they are getting the most up-to-date patient information. This approach also reduces coding queries, and our evidence-backed tools improve compliance.

Use Cases

  • Physicians in the hospital can use Regard at the point-of-care to get a head start on their documentation, saving them time and reducing the need for distracting coding queries.

  • Providers in outpatient settings can use Regard for automated pre-visit planning. By reviewing all patient data in advance of a visit, Regard gives you the full summary of active chronic conditions your patient is facing and need to be reviewed -- this saves providers time while capturing necessary HCC codes.

  • Regard ensures that *every provider has accurate, complete documentation*by providing evidence-backed notes. This reduces copy & pasted notes, improves compliance, and helps stand up to audits.

Key Features

Saves Providers Time image

Saves Providers Time

Clinical data is reviewed continuously and automatically, making Regard available instantly. Critical clinical information is easily accessed to save even more time.

Improved Documentation image

Improved Documentation

Our evidence-backed documentation improves compliance and documents the true acuity and specificity of patients.

Fully Integrated image

Fully Integrated

Regard integrates seamlessly into Cerner clinical workflows to ensure time savings and ease-of-use.