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Get to Know QueueDr in One Minute



AI schedule management that gets patients connected to care faster. QueueDr automatically fills schedule gaps, reBooks cancellations, switches appointments to telemedicine, and reschedules no-shows and bumps to maximum utilization.

Before COVID-19, the average patient wait-time was 24 days, yet organizations reported losing 30% of their annual revenue to missed appointments. QueueDr customers reported a 71% decrease in patient wait time and a 6% growth in provider utilization. Our AI-powered solution improves patient access, grows physician utilization, and streamlines operations.

In the wake of COVID-19, these goals are more important than ever. According to Crowe, the average hospital will need to run at 110% of previous capacity for 6-months straight to recover lost revenue. QueueDr clients fill their schedules faster and more efficiently.

Use Cases

  • A medical organization forced to cancel non-essential appointments lead to significant losses in the first half of 2020 and uses QueueDr to engage patients, reduce physician gaps, and improve their bottom line, even with a reduction in administrative staff.
  • A provider experiences 30% in appointment cancellations or no-shows and uses QueueDr to increase utilization by automatically filling those gaps in the schedule without any staff involvement.
  • Healthcare staff are facing burnout and high administrative burden with keeping track of patient calls and cancellations and use QueueDr to save nearly 45 minutes of work with each cancellation QueueDr fills.
  • A provider wait-list is a few months deep, and also includes high patient now-shows and uses QueueDr to get patients in as soon as possible and mitigates the chance of the patient going to another provider.
  • A patient spends 10 minutes waiting to talk to a scheduler on the phone, becomes frustrated, and hangs up, but with QueueDr, patients are able to simply text one phrase back to get an earlier appointment that automatically schedules into Cerner.

Supported Devices

  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Simplify patient communication

Reach multiple patients and fill gaps in your schedule without lifting a finger. Our platform scans Cerner, finds appropriate patients to notify about earlier slots, sends them a text message, and they confirm with one word.

Improve patient access

Connect patients to care faster and without taking up staff resources. Every slot matters. Whether it’s a no-show, bump, cancellation, or due to COVID-19, we have a solution to get your patients back on the calendar.

Automate your schedule

You no longer have to miss out on revenue from a no-show or have staff skim the calendar looking for gaps and then randomly calling patients. QueueDr does that for you, and once a patient accepts an appointment, we automatically update Cerner.

Receive robust reporting

QueueDr works in the background, but we can deliver a report so you can see fill rates, wait times, hours saved, and revenue earned.