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Paymentus Patient Billing and Payment Solution

Paymentus is a best-in-class provider of billing and payment solutions. Our multi-dimensional platform is validated within the Oracle Health code Developer Program and provides intuitive, secure electronic bill payment experiences.

Improving billing and payment systems can help healthcare providers ease a common, anxiety-inducing burden for many payments, all while improving collection rates for providers. The multi-dimensional Paymentus billing and payment platform addresses this opportunity through advanced features that include patient statements, notifications and superior communication tools. This comprehensive platform is proven to drive action, increase payment adoption and raise patient satisfaction – all in a platform that offers simplified implementation and allows providers to consolidate vendors for added cost savings. Patients pay on time, through the most cost-efficient methods, and providers can recognize revenue faster.

Use Cases

  • What is the app?
    Patient Billing and Payments. Easily offer all payment methods and channels, from traditional ACH and debit cards at POS, to credit cards via web or automated phone payments (IVR), or anything in between, giving choice and flexibility to patients to pay their way and on time.

  • When is it used?
    The Paymentus Patient Billing and Payment Solution delivers across the full patient journey. Before and during a patient’s visit, collect co-pays, pre-payments, deposits or previous balance payments via responsive web, text or IVR. Beyond patient engagement, tap into features that drive action and help personalize the payment experience so you’re more likely to collect revenue quickly and inform patients of deadlines and actions needed.

  • Who is the user?
    Physicians, billers, hospital billers and patients all leverage the Paymentus Patient Billing and Payment solution.

Available in These Countries

  • United States and Canada

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Key Features



Paymentus enhances your ability to collect by offering more payment options than any other provider. From more traditional ACH and debit cards at POS, to credit cards via web or automated phone payments (IVR), patients can pay the way they prefer. Plus, with flexible options like Payment Plans or PayPal Credit,* patients can more easily manage their finances and complete payments on a set schedule.
*Subject to credit approval



Healthcare is complicated, making it essential that providers work with a payment partner that supports the entire spectrum of healthcare. Paymentus Patient Billing and Payments Solution offers healthcare providers:

  • Comprehensive support across the entire spectrum of healthcare
  • Billing, communication and payment capabilities that span the entire patient journey
  • Functionality that includes pre-counter, date of service and post counter
  • More payment channels and methods to accelerate revenues


Our advanced features drive action, increase adoption and improve patient satisfaction, so that patients pay on time, through the most cost-efficient methods, and providers recognize revenue faster.