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Patient Education Genius

Developed in collaboration with providers and payers, Patient Education Genius ties your patient education efforts to revenue generating incentives - and reduces your administrative workload at the exact same time.

Developed in partnership with providers and payers, Patient Education Genius enables providers to efficiently deliver an abundance of relevant health education via text message or email in just one click.

Patient Education Genius documents all of the health education that you send to your patients - and even tracks whether they open it or not. The documentation generated by Patient Education Genius will help you effortlessly meet CMS's requirements for value-based payment and incentive programs - reducing provider administrative burden and streamlining back office revenue cycle management in the process.

With our plug-and-play FHIR integration for Powerchart, you can start improving your patients' care experience in days, not months.

It's time for patient education to enter the 21st century. Welcome to Patient Education Genius.

Use Cases

  • In the emergency room, a nurse sends an educational video via text message to a double bypass candidate and his family. The candidate opens the video on his phone while still at the hospital, facilitating his informed consent and allowing the procedure to proceed at the earliest available opportunity.
  • During a routine outpatient office visit, a gynecologist sends educational resources on birth control and pregnancy with a teenage patient via text message. The teenage patient is able to regularly review materials that she received at home, at school – whenever and wherever she wants.
  • At discharge, a physician’s assistant locates sends instructional videos about recovering from total hip replacement surgery to an elderly patient. After noticing on the Tracking dashboard that the instructions had not been opened, the PA follows up with the elderly patient, who asks for the materials be sent to her adult children and in-home caregiver, efficiently getting everyone on the same page.
  • A coder notices in the patient record that education on diabetes was sent, but diabetes care was not properly charted. She reconfirms services rendered with the physician, and corrects the claim before submitting it – capturing reimbursement that would have otherwise been lost.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Powerchart, Version 2.5.17

Requires: Millennium 2015.01.19

Key Features

Patient Education Genius SMART on FHIR for Powerchart

Paperless and web-based, Patient Education Genius represents a new “plug-and-play” paradigm for patient care. Set-up takes a matter of days, not weeks or months. Launch Patient Education Genius from the patient record in just one click. Patient Education Genius will transform how you discover patient education materials, deliver them to your patients, and document your efforts for payers – saving you time, money and energy in the process.

Discover a world of patient education

Finding relevant patient education materials can be difficult and time-consuming. With Patient Education Genius, locate materials quickly with predictive search, and add them to your Favorites to access later. Our ever-growing library of educational materials covers every medical specialty. Unlike most patient education solutions, Patient Education Genius allows you to upload and send your own materials – discharge instructions, surveys, fact sheets, and anything else you used to print and hand to your patient.

Deliver education via email or text

With Patient Education Genius, you can deliver education to their patients in seconds. Receive content via text message or email – no password or download required. Materials can be accessed by patients anywhere at anytime and are easily shared with caregivers and family members, No need for printers, copiers and fax machines – everyone is on the same page.

Track your patient engagement, automatically

By automatically tracking what materials were sent to every patient - and documenting whether those materials were opened or not - Patient Education Genius allows you to monitor your patients’ engagement in their care and follow up. If they haven’t opened their materials, reminder emails are sent automatically to make sure they do.

Documentation helps meet payer requirements

All education delivered to patients is documented within the patient record, creating a longitudinal “health education history.” This robust data about your patients benefits every stage of the healthcare value chain, from improving clinical decision-making to streamlining claims processing and mitigating risk. By removing administrative burden from your workflow, and automatically satisfying your payer requirements for value-based incentives, you improve your quality of care and your bottom line.