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Parachute Health Explainer


Parachute Health

Parachute makes DME simple, like online ordering. Select Products, qualify patients, track deliveries, chat with vendors, and control post-acute quality.

Parachute Health is ePrescribing for DME. Stop wasting time going back and forth with suppliers, delaying discharges due to DME, and not knowing if patients receive their needed equipment. Parachute enables you to select products, generate Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) documentation, and route pre-qualified orders to vendors of your choice. Parachute offers real-time access to vendor inventory, instant insurance verification and digital physician signature capture. Manage and track orders with real-time delivery statuses, live-chat with vendors, and review vendor performance metrics. Connect with Parachute's nationwide network of DME vendors and take control of your post-acute environment and patient care!

Use Cases

  • Parachute simplifies DME by bringing an online shopping experience to post-acute ordering. Parachute automates insurance documentation, CMN's, and routes pre-qualified orders to vendors of your choice. Parachute's app is a tool for post-acute care. Caregivers place orders for patients at discharge, and for needs outside of the inpatient setting.

  • Parachute users vary by health system and care environment. Common users include Case & Care Management, Social Services, Nurses, Therapy Units, and HomeHealth. Orders are then signed by Physicians and NPs/PAs.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

Product Selection Page

This image depicts our product page, where users can search through the supplier catalogs and select the equipment the patient needs. Users are told upfront which suppliers carry specific products, and accept specific insurances to ensure patients will receive their orders.

Clinical Info Page

This image depicts our clinical info page, where users qualify the patients through insurance requirements for the products selected. Users start by inputting the ICD10 Diagnosis Code, and then complete the "Chart Note," which creates all necessary documentation for the order to get processed.

Chart Notes Page

This image is an example of what our chart notes section looks like. In this case, the chart note being completed is for a standard wheelchair. Parachute takes the answers selected in the chart note section to create complete progress notes that can instantly be approved by the supplier.

Electronic Signature Page

In this image, the user has selected the clinician they would like to send this order to for electronic signature. In this case, we know the clinician has already signed previous orders via sms, so the user has selected the "text message request" as the means of capturing the signature.

Delivery Page

In this image, the Activity section has been selected to show exactly what has been done for this order, and the current state that it is in. In this case, we can see that the order was created, signed, approved, and is ready to be delivered.