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Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud™

Mytonomy's Patient Experience Center enables clinicians and staff to engage patients and seamlessly deploy personalized, video-based microlearning through Cerner.

Built by Silicon Valley tech alums & EHR veterans, Mytonomy is transforming patient education and engagement by leveraging the power of video streaming.

Mytonomy supports the patient journey with 2,500+ videos spanning all major therapeutic conditions, as well as supplemental written instructions.

Our content is the product of over 200+ doctors and nurses who adhere to the highest standards of evidence-based medicine, together with an award-winning production studio.

Mytonomy’s flexible platform allows for seamless expansion capabilities to innovate in the inpatient and outpatient setting for today and tomorrow.

Named by the SaaS Awards as the Best Product in Healthcare.

Use Cases

  • Care teams can review available patient education videos via the Mytonomy app on the Cerner platform. Care team members can discuss the videos during a patient’s appointment and even show videos while the patient is in the office.

  • Care teams can assign educational videos to patients during their appointments for viewership after the patient leaves the office. The Mytonomy app allows for this assignment directly within the Cerner platform.

  • Care teams can review whether patients have completed their assigned content. By opening the Mytonomy app within a patient’s chart on the Cerner platform, they will see real-time metrics on the patient’s viewing history and can nudge the patient to complete their education.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details


Can be launched from the Table of Contents

The latest version is 1.0 (Initial Launch)

Key Features

Mytonomy in Cerner PowerChart® image

Mytonomy in Cerner PowerChart®

Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud™ is launched directly from Cerner PowerChart®. This gives care teams the ability to assign content to patients without leaving their workflow.

Patient experience with Mytonomy Videos image

Patient experience with Mytonomy Videos

After assigning content to a patient on the Cerner platform, the patient is notified and prompted to begin their education. Patients are able to log in and view their assigned content from any device, at any time.

Mytonomy is available in multiple languages image

Mytonomy is available in multiple languages

Mytonomy matches the patient’s language preference from Cerner and automatically updates the content.

Patient viewership status automatically updates in Cerner PowerChart® image

Patient viewership status automatically updates in Cerner PowerChart®

After a patient watches their assigned Mytonomy content, viewership status is automatically updated in Cerner PowerChart®