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Microsoft Teams

Provide seamless virtual visits for your telehealth workflows with Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams EHR connector (now in private preview) allows patients to launch virtual visits from the patient portal or SMS, with no app download required. Healthcare providers can launch visits from Cerner PowerChart™, and system administrations can easily manage and configure the EHR integration and have access to downloadable consumption reports. Learn more at:

Use Cases

  • Schedule virtual visits: The Microsoft Teams EHR connector with Cerner allows providers to connect with their patients with the click of a button from the Millennium portal. The collaboration and communication platform of Teams makes it easy for members of the care team to schedule and join virtual visits
  • Focus on the patient: Patients can receive visit reminders and can join the visit using their browser. It’s extremely simple, with no extra sign-in or app-download required.
  • Support multiple participants: Microsoft Teams provides a platform so that multiple people can take part in a virtual visit. Different members of the care team can join the visit with patients and family members. External participants, such as interpreters, can also be added to the virtual visit.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Launch Teams from Cerner

Healthcare providers can launch virtual visits in Microsoft Teams from withing the Cerner experience.

Seamless experience with Teams

Virtual visits can be conducted seamlessly within Microsoft Teams.

Multiple participant support

Patients, family members, care teams, and other external participants can all take part in a virtual visit.

Mobile experience

Virtual visits in Teams can be launched in the mobile browser, with no need to install an app.