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mehealth for ADHD

Introducing a major breakthrough for assessing and treating pediatric patients with ADHD. mehealth for ADHD is an evidence-based, comprehensive, and easy-to-use online tool for improving the quality of ADHD care.

Within PowerChart, providers and staff will be able to automate online collection of parent and teacher ADHD rating scales during assessment and at physician-designated intervals to monitor response to treatment. Mehealth uses these data to create efficient, easy-to-interpret assessment reports and treatment graphs summarizing parent and teacher ratings and feedback and notifies you if a patient is displaying behavioral deterioration or problematic side effects. Your patients will also be able to access behavioral treatments through parent-facing interface. Pediatricians can earn 25 ABP Maintenance of Certification Part IV credits for every year of use.

Use Cases

  • mehealth is used by providers and staff at the point of care within PowerChart to automate collection of parent and teacher ADHD rating scales that parents and teachers can digitally complete anytime, anywhere.

  • Once parents and teachers complete ratings of ADHD symptoms and side effects online, providers and staff can view easily-interpretable reports within PowerChart summarizing these ratings.

  • mehealth pulls medication prescribing information from PowerChart and annotates treatment charts of ADHD symptoms and side effects in order to easily see impact of medication titration.

  • Using the web-based, parent- and teacher-facing interface, parents and teachers can develop and implement behavioral treatments with your patients.

Available in These Countries

  • United States
  • Canada

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Figure 1: Main Patient Page

After selecting mehealth from patient page in PowerChart, provider will have access to mehealth patient information. From here, the user can view parent and teacher ratings or access summaries of these ratings in Assessment and Treatment reports.

Figure 2: Assessment Report

Assessment report will summarize for the provider all of the parent and teacher ratings collected during the assessment process. Screen shot shows table summarizing ADHD symptoms endorsed by parent(s) and teacher(s).

Figure 3: Treatment Report

Treatment report will summarize parent and teacher ADHD ratings in an annotated run chart showing ADHD symptoms over time. Moreover, ADHD medications will be pulled from PowerChart and medication changes will be annotated on these charts in order to visualize medication changes on ADHD symptoms over time.

Figure 4: Treatment Report

Treatment report will also summarize parent and teacher ratings of side effects in a table showing side effects over time. If any side effects are rated as problematic, providers will be notified automatically.

Figure 5: Physican Report Card

mehealth for ADHD also contains several quality improvement features including a report card summarizing the quality of ADHD care across 12 different care metrics. Report card is able to summarize quality of ADHD care for single provider or across all providers at a practice.