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Meducation® makes understanding how to take medications intuitive and simple, to improve patient health outcomes, as well as healthcare providers’ financial performance through enhanced patient experience (HCAHPS scores) and 30-day readmission rate reductions.

Meducation has proven to reduce medication errors, and improve medication adherence and patient satisfaction, particularly for low health literate and limited English proficient patients. Providers can access easy to understand, patient-specific medication instructions and regimen summaries written at the 5th-8th grade reading level in over 30 different languages. Summaries are produced in engaging and intuitive formats, such as a calendar that displays the patient’s entire medication regimen along with pictograms and videos of medication techniques to better convey information.

Use Cases

  • The Discharge Nurse or Pharmacist generates patient-specific Meducation calendars and new prescription instructions to counsel a patient on their at-home meds. These simplified medication instructions, at 5th-8th grade reading level, in larger font sizes, and in the patient's native language, are automatically made part of the Depart Summary.
  • A Nurse uses MeducationBedside to counsel a patient on their new in-patient meds, focusing on what the medicine is for and possible side effects. Again, the patient-facing content is at 5-8th grade reading level, in any of 30+ languages and 6 font sizes.
  • From home, a COPD patient can review how to use their new inhaler by reading the simplified instructions and/or watching a video demonstration of proper medication administration techniques.
  • If a patient misplaces their discharge medication instructions, Meducation instructions and calendar can be easily viewed and/or reprinted from the Healthelife patient portal.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Powerchart


“After implementing Meducation, nurses feel they are much more engaged in counseling patients on their medications. They appreciate being able to communicate in the patient’s primary language and being able to offer different font sizes for the information provided.”

Sarah Toy-Ding, Enterprise Clinical Informaticist at Dignity Health

Key Features

Universal Medication Schedule (UMS)

Meducation® uses a patient’s drug and SIG information to create engaging and intuitive patient-specific instructions and regimen summaries that simplifies the patient’s specific prescription dose and frequency using the “Universal Medication Schedule” (UMS). The UMS breaks the day into four timeslots and is recommended as best practice by the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs and the Institute of Medicine.

Over 30 Languages Available

For 28 million Limited Engish Proficient (LEP) people in the US, Meducation® enables clinicians to provide patient-specific medication instructions and regimen summaries in over 30 languages. For the average adult in the US who reads below the 8th grade reading level, all Meducation instructions are at 5-8th grade, to ensure patients and their caregivers can understand their medication self-administration instructions.

Watch Videos For Proper Medication Techniques

Poor medication administration is a major contributor to medication errors. On Meducation® Personalized Medication Instructions (PMI) for inhalers, suppositories, ear drops, etc., a QR code links to a video demonstrating proper medication administration techniques, to increase adherence and avoid adverse events. Again, all videos are written at 5-8th grade reading level and in 30+ languages.

Integrated Workflow for Clinicians and Patients

Meducation® materials are automatically stored back to the patient record as a Clinical Note and made part of the patient’s Depart Summary from the hospital or Visit Summary from the clinic. Patients can access Meducation materials from HealtheLife portal.