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MedActionPlan PRO

Engage patients to help them understand their medication regimens, improve adherence, and facilitate care transitions. Hundreds of healthcare systems trust MedActionPlan to increase HCAHPS, reduce medication errors, and lower readmissions.

MedActionPlan PRO seamlessly integrates into clinical workflows, simplifies complex medication information, and produces medication schedules and action plans that are easy to understand and follow. Empower patients to take a proactive role in their care. Simplify the most complex regimens including transplant, endocrinology, BMT/HEMA/ONC, anticoagulation, VAD, HF, CF, COPD and asthma. Print in the patient’s preferred language at a 5th grade reading level to address low literacy and limited-English proficiency.Monitor adherence and engage patients to follow their regimens on a free app that reminds them to take their medications.

Use Cases

  • A physician prints a Diabetes Action Plan to educate a newly diagnosed diabetes patient about their insulin-to-carb ratio and correction sliding scales. The patient can also access the action plan at home through the patient portal.
  • An international patient is receiving a kidney transplant. The transplant coordinator prints their medication schedule in Arabic and educates them about their medications.
  • A pharmacist shares a medication calendar to a pediatric oncology patient’s MyMedSchedule Plus app. The teenage patient receives reminders to help them adhere to the complex regimen.
  • An elderly patient with atrial fibrillation was recently readmitted after struggling to take their warfarin medication correctly. At the Coumadin clinic the clinician prints out an Anticoagulation Action Plan that clearly displays which tablets to take each day and lists dietary considerations to stay within the target INR range.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart


"What I hear resounding from our staff is that what you have developed in MedActionPlan is the most consumer-friendly tool our staff has ever seen. Our staff sees the value for the patient, and what we hear consistently from our patients is that they love MedActionPlan. They just love it! It is obvious your company understands the whole patient thing, because you guys just nail patient-friendly.”

Deborah Maurer, Director, Transplant Services Banner Health

Key Features

Patient Friendly Formats

Engage the patient with personalized medication schedules and action plans in simple, culturally appropriate formats. MedActionPlan PRO schedules have been proven to improve adherence, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Seamless Clinician Workflow

Seamlessly transition to MedActionPlan PRO with a click from Cerner’s navigation bar. MedActionPlan PRO transforms and enhances medication list and SIG information with customized patient friendly instructions, indications and brand images. Unique tools make it easy to create patient-specific Action Plans.

Print and Document in the Patient Record

Quickly print simple and easy-to-follow medication schedules and instructions in the patient’s preferred language. Send back to the patient record to document the material given to the patient.

Reinforce Medication Adherence

Engage the patient to improve adherence with MyMedSchedule Plus, a free app that simplifies complex regimens by automatically scheduling medication reminders. Clinicians can monitor the patient’s adherence and medication changes in a dashboard.