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MCG Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse

MCG Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse is an EHR-embedded software solution that delivers evidence-based, patient-relevant decision support to ED utilization management nurses making admission determinations.

Hospitals and health systems often face denials from payers for inpatient stays due to insufficient documentation of medical necessity, often at the time of admission. Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse assists emergency department (ED) utilization managers in this critical process by providing them easy access to the rich evidence of MCG care guidelines. By using patient-specific data pulled from the medical record, Indicia for Admission Documentation provides users with time-critical guidance to help navigate the complex and sometimes confusing process of selecting the appropriate level of care and providing guidance for medical necessity documentation at the most critical point.

Use Cases

  • MCG Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse is used at point of care within PowerChart to to justify the ED Physician or Hospitalist's decision regarding the patient's status assignment.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

Finds Associated Relevant Guidelines

Once the application is launched from within the EHR, Synapse reasons over the available encounter diagnoses to find the most relevant guidelines.

Displayed Indications

Synapse reasons over structured patient data in the EHR, highlights likely met indications and displays the relevant clinical information driving the matches. Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse combines power of assertive intelligence with the clinician’s critical thinking to greatly increase reviewer efficiency.

Documentation Generated in Real Time

As indications are selected, note evidence based medical necessity documentation is generated real time – one that includes relevant patient data from the EHR. This medical necessity documentation may be edited by adding or removing guideline indications or by adding free text notes if desired.

Consolidated View

When “Save to chart” is selected, the note generated in Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse saves back to the patient’s encounter. This creates a consolidated view of the medical necessity for all involved parties to view, eliminating the need to search multiple locations.