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Lumeon Care Orchestration Platform

Traditional Care Coordination is broken. Lumeon believes that care better coordinated is care better delivered.

With Lumeon’s Care Orchestration platform, you will:

  • Reduce operating costs by automating tasks, activities, events, and workflow, thereby enabling care coordination efforts to scale effectively across care teams and sites of care
  • Improve outcomes by eliminating gaps in care and reducing variability in how care is delivered
  • Enhance the clinician and staff experience by automating redundant, manual tasks, elevating clinicians to operate at the top of their license, and enabling clinicians to spend more quality time with patients that need it most
  • Improves the patient experience by orchestrating decisions and engagement, empowering patients to become active participants in their care

Use Cases

Lumeon’s Care Orchestration platform is highly configurable, so there are almost infinite use case possibilities. Here are just a few:

  1. Reduce No-Shows with Automated Appointment Reminders

    • Lumeon’s appointment reminder solution enables leading healthcare providers to save millions of dollars of revenue each year that would otherwise have been lost.

      Unlike other vendors, Lumeon offers complete flexibility over the way you build, measure, and adapt automated appointment reminder workflows, incorporating next-generation patient interaction.

      But it doesn’t end there. Providers can start with appointment reminders and connect more capabilities to build their virtual patient journeys, automatically orchestrated by our orchestration engine.

    • Significant reductions in no-show rates
    • Easy to use, self-service console
    • Starting point to go fully digital with your patient journey
    • Go beyond traditional appointment reminder software

  2. Save Time with Automated Appointment Cancellation

    • Lumeon Automated Appointment Reminders solution now integrates bi-directionally with HL7v2 SIU scheduling messages from Cerner.

      The solution reaches out to the patient before the appointment via SMS or IVR, asking if they will be attending the appointment.

      If the patient wishes to cancel, the solution will modify and update the Cerner scheduling system in real-time.

      It does this by making a series of FHIR calls to Cerner to cancel the appointment. The patient is then notified that the appointment has been canceled.

Available in These Countries

  • Lumeon focuses on the U.S. and European geographies.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details



“It’s mind-boggling the number of ways I can use Lumeon”

- General Surgeon, Large Integrated Delivery Network, California.

“The value of Lumeon is highlighted by the flexibility of the product. Over time, as we identified other processes that could improve with automation, Lumeon consolidated these services into a single technology platform.”

- Laurie Johnson, Chief Ambulatory Officer at Keck Medicine of USC.

Key Features


4 Principals to Orchestrate Care

Today’s market dynamics have made productivity, capacity, and quality of care top priorities. Care is characterized by a lack of consistency, poor execution, limited shared knowledge of what must be done, no actionable care plan for each patient, repetition, wasted effort, and a lack of follow up.

Follow these key principals to orchestrate your care.


The Lumeon Care Orchestration Platform

In healthcare today, the clinical decision is usually consistent, but the execution of that decision is highly variable and inconsistent. As a result, hospitals and clinics introduce quality and patient safety risks, which lead to increased costs and a lack of efficiency.

To solve this challenge, health systems require flexible software platforms that standardize their unique processes and protocols across teams while adapting to each individual.

Lumeon enables this with our configurable orchestration engine – it calculates the next best action for every patient, irrespective of setting or condition, acting as the process glue for coordination, decision intelligence, and engagement.


Extend the reach of your EHR

If thoughtfully applied as an essential ingredient in the process of care, data has the potential to optimize the entire health system’s performance. By doing this, we can transform care to make it precisely coordinated, and according to a care plan for every patient, ensuring smooth transitions from one care setting to the next. A fundamental step towards enabling this new paradigm is to be able to interface with the EHR system in real-time.


Flexible, configurable workflows

Lumeon's flexible orchestration engine allows health systems to create a graph-based, dynamic workflow that responds to data changes in real-time.

Lumeon's modeling language lets you create a version-controlled blueprint for every pathway. It provides the rules to automate administration and clinical tasks, personalizing the care plan for every individual and restrictions of each health plan. It adapts as care evolves, executing the right task at the right time.

Lumeon’s Expert Team

Lumeon’s Expert Team

To automate a process effectively, you’ll need a support team with the expert skills, best practices, and structured framework to examine your existing processes and design a future state. After this first step, you will need to iteratively test your new processes and implement them with minimal change to your existing ways of working.

  • Design Operational Guidelines
  • Develop Executable Workflow
  • Deploy Orchestrated Care
  • Measure and Improve