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Luma Health

Luma Health is the Healthcare Engagement Engine™ built to unify and automate all patient journeys- clinical, operational, financial- to help health systems deliver a patient-centric, accessible, and connected patient experience.

Our bespoke integration with Cerner enables us to build unique, automated patient workflows for our customers-- allowing them to untangle their complex delivery systems & get the most from their Cerner investment. This makes us one of Cerner's largest API clients worldwide.

Today, we serve 26M+ patients across 550+ health systems, helping them get their patients in front of the right doctor, at the right time, quickly.

Because needing care is hard enough. Getting it shouldn't be

Use Cases

Solutions in our platform include:

Patient scheduling

Appoint reminders

Smart waitlist management

Patient communications

Referral Management

Patient referral, recall & attribution list management

Pre & post care messaging

Mobile patient intake & pushback of completed data to EHR (CCDA)

Zero contact check-in & waiting room


Vaccine Operations

Cerner customers use our platform to extend the power of the EHR, blurring the lines between the two. Examples include:

Building a seamless, world-class scheduling system powered by NLP capabilities

Multi-lingual messaging at scale (with up to 30,000 with a single broadcast)

Enhancing the patient's intake experience and pushing back the data into their EHR records

Automating complex workflows, making their Ops job actionable

Using our powerful analytics to bring their Cerner data to life

Population health management

Making waitlist management smart and actionable

And more...


Leaders in healthcare's digital revolution, like Banner Health, use Luma Health to compete on patient experience and stand out in a crowded field. Organizations like Cook County Health, serving the second most populous county in the US, leverage our platform to distribute vaccines at scale.

What differentiates us from other point solutions is that we offer the greatest number of features & capabilities-- configurable, customizable, and seamlessly connected together. All of these are built in-house, and not patchworked through acquisitions- helping us bring to life any use case you've imagined.

While our competitors address similar problems, Luma Health alone offers an end-to-end solution that addresses pain points across the full patient experience cycle.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Compatible Cerner Platforms

Cerner Community Works


The integration between Luma Health and Cerner supports the below capabilities:

  • Update Appointment status in the schedule
  • Retrieve Appointment Status from the schedule
  • Proposed
  • Cancelled
  • Booked
  • Pending
  • Arrived
  • Fulfilled
  • No Show
  • Entered in Error
  • Read availabilities in the schedule (WhiteSpace)
  • Create Appointments in the schedule
  • Retrieve Dx
  • Retrieve CPT
  • Create New Patient record in the EHR, based off of new patients scheduling [dependent on Patient Scheduling+ being implemented]-. The new patient record will include first and last name, date of birth, Contact method (mobile, email, and phone)


"Luma Health is our platform to manage patient scheduling and communication at scale. Serving over five million patients throughout the Chicagoland area means we need a partner that can handle whatever we throw their way. Luma Health always delivers - whether that's their deep scheduling integrating into Cerner, scalable vaccine operations, patient outreach, or flexible messaging capabilities, the Luma Health's Healthcare Engagement Engine allows us to meet patients where they are, deliver care and increase patient satisfaction at Cook County Health.

Adam Weber, Executive Director of Operations and Support Services, Cook County Health

Key Features

Appointment reminders & Smart Waitlists

Improve scheduling efficiency — no manual waitlists required. Smart Waitlist from Luma Health has shown to reduce wait times and increase calendar utilization by 5-12%. Luma Health automatically contacts waitlisted patients about appointment openings. Patients can opt-in to the waitlist and receive instant notification when a time slot they’re eligible for becomes available.

Patient Scheduling

Deliver the convenience of online self-scheduling that today’s patients expect. With interactive text messaging, automatically match patients with the right available appointments, fill cancellations, and give patients control over their scheduling.


Reach patients remotely at various touchpoints to provide a seamless experience across the care continuum. Enable patients to join telehealth appointments in one click without having to set up an account or log in to an app or portal, and invite up to two additional guests to any telehealth visit.

Mobile Patient Intake

ORely on technology to capture needed patient data and support a safer, smoother, contactless check-in process. Collect mobile insurance uploads, patient history, obtain authorizations, and manage chronic conditions.

Vaccine Operations Solution

New COVID-19 variants make it even more critical to reach patients who haven’t yet been vaccinated, address ongoing updates to health recommendations, and prepare for potential fluctuations in patient volumes. Tailored, personal text-first outreach helps you connect with patients at scale – no matter how the pandemic evolves.