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Luma Health

Luma’s Patient Success Platform is designed to go beyond disjointed patient engagement initiatives to connect patients to their providers across the healthcare journey – access and operational, clinical, and financial.

Luma Health was founded on the idea that healthcare should work better for all patients. Luma’s Patient Success Platform empowers patients and providers by connecting and orchestrating all the steps in the patient journey, along with all the operational workflows and processes in the healthcare ecosystem. This orchestration is supported by Luma Bedrock data-driven best practices, based on more than 700 million data points across more than 80 million patient interactions. Luma serves more than 600 health systems, integrated delivery networks, federally qualified health centers, specialty networks, and clinics, and orchestrates the care journeys of more than 50 million patients.

Use Cases

  • An individual interested in scheduling an appointment navigates to a health system's website via their mobile device and is able to schedule an appointment directly with the provider of choice without the need to call or email a member of the care team.

  • A few days ahead of an appointment, a patient receives a text reminder from Luma's Patient Success Platform and realizes they are not longer able to attend that appointment. Upon cancellation, they are immediately presented with re-booking options and their old appointment slot is freed up to other patients on the provider's waitlist.

  • A few days prior their appointment, the patient receives a text reminder and link from Luma Health's platform to view the required check-in steps, complete pre-appointment paperwork, and view their bill estimate. This early check-in process saves time at the point of service and enhances patient satisfaction.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

PowerChart, CommunityWorks, Revenue Cycle, Schedule Book, HealtheLife


“Luma Health is our platform to manage patient scheduling and communication at scale. Serving over five million patients throughout the Chicagoland area means we need a partner that can handle whatever we throw their way. Luma Health always delivers - whether that's their deep scheduling integrating into Cerner, scalable vaccine operations, patient outreach, or flexible messaging capabilities, the Luma Health's Healthcare Engagement Engine allows us to meet patients where they are, deliver care and increase patient satisfaction at Cook County Health.”

Adam Weber, Executive Director of Operations and Support Services, Cook County Health

Key Features


Patient Self-scheduling:

New and existing patients schedule directly in Oracle Cerner via SMS, web, chatbot, Google My Business integration, or digital call deflection. EHR integration and rules-based guidance ensures each patient books the right appointment and provider for their needs.


Actionable Reminders & Smart Waitlist

Actionable reminders keep the EHR schedule up to date with near-real time syncing when a patient confirms, cancels, or reschedules. Smart Waitlist automatically offers patients newly open slots to fill schedule gaps with no manual work from staff.


Secure Messaging

Luma Health offers secure messaging for seamless communication between patients and providers. This HIPAA-compliant messaging platform enhances patient engagement and supports efficient care coordination.


Patient Intake:

Bi-directionally integrated digital forms and automated pre-appointment reminders save time for both patients and staff, and make check-in smoother and more efficient.


LumaBot & Digital Call Deflection:

Actionable chatbot and digital call deflection empower patients to take next steps (Rx refill, scheduling, get directions or answers to FAQs, and more) without waiting on hold for a staff member. Actions are connected to the EHR-integrated Luma platform, eliminating double-documentation.