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Merging natural language processing with direct online appointment scheduling, Loyal allows patients to search for care and schedule an appointment without missing a step along their healthcare journey.

Loyal's AI-driven multi experience platform provides health systems with the tools needed to connect with patients and guide them throughout their digital experience. Loyal’s self scheduling application helps patients search for care, and to view and book appointments across multiple digital interfaces, including web, chatbot, and SMS. Loyal’s user interface increases conversions by making scheduling an appointment a simple and straightforward process for patients while ensuring accuracy and data security for health systems.

Use Cases

  • A healthcare consumer needs to find a primary care provider. She visits a local health system’s website and searches for a provider using Loyal's NLP driven search tool using criteria such as a condition or physician specialty. She's connected with the right provider, views available appointment slots, and schedules an appointment.
  • A healthcare consumer visits a health system website and engages with Loyal's chatbot, asking for assistance with choosing a provider. The Loyal chatbot guides the consumer through a conversational physician search workflow and provides the user with available upcoming appointments. The chatbot then guides the user through a self-scheduling process and books the appointment.
  • A healthcare consumer searches for a provider using a Google. From the search results, he clicks on the link to view the provider's profile on the health system website, views information about the provider and the appointments available. He schedules the appointment using Loyal's scheduling workflow.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

A Dynamic Search Experience

A modern search interface using natural language processing (NLP) connecting the right provider to the right patient.

Real-Time Appointment Scheduling

Easy to navigate user interface providing the up-to-date appointment availability.

Appointment Confirmation and Notification

Simple and straight forward appointment confirmation details with follow up notifications via email or text.

Chatbot Assisted Provider Search

For customers who prefer a chat experience, users can search for a provider and view details prior to scheduling.

Chatbot Scheduling

Users can view provider schedule availability in real-time. The chatbot assisted workflow collects the patient's details and confirms the appointment.