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LifeOmic Platform

The LifeOmic Platform enables providers to assess patients and design personalized prevention, treatment or recovery plans through data aggregation, patient engagement, and clinical decision support tools.

The LifeOmic Platform breaks down data silos by integrating with Oracle Health to unify clinical data with other patient-generated data including medical devices and ePROs, securely stored and structured alongside a patient's large genomic and imaging data. Clinicians can customize visualizations, access expert knowledge bases, and search all data for comprehensive patient review, targeted genomic marker identification, and clinical trial guidance. The platform offers engagement tools, alerts, and the ability to identify targetable genomic markers and corresponding treatment options, as well as guide patients to clinical trials. After final review, structured notes and recommendations can be returned to Oracle Health seamlessly.

Use Cases

  • For the Clinician, the LifeOmic Platform provides a configurable view of patients’ or subjects’ longitudinal history, combining clinical and genomic data to better facilitate care. By looking across subjects, both current and past, clinicians can truly develop and provide the best treatment options. Utilizing the easy-to-use Subject Viewer, users can add, remove and build new graphs and widgets. It allows anyone, even those without a bioinformatics background, to navigate and gain benefits that can impact patient outcomes.

  • Clinical Genomic Review of patients is quickly performed using the genomic sequencing results in the interactive Omics Explorer tool of the LifeOmic Platform. Set default filters, explore extensive variant annotations of actionable mutations, and find up-to-date clinical trial options. Recommendations can be quickly added to a structured note template for the patient record.

  • Providers can survey patients (or patient cohorts), view biometric data obtained via wearables and medical devices, push custom care plans, present individualized recommendations and deliver science-backed educational content using the configurable LifeOmic mobile app.

  • The LifeOmic Platform unlocks translational research at scale through data insights on an individual and cohort level. The easy-to-use, graphical interface provides clear data visuals for significant changes in progress, symptoms or even cancer genomes.

  • Avoid spreadsheets to coordinate drug pipelines, with the LifeOmic Platform oncologists can answer on-demand inquiries of clinical trial eligibility of their patients within seconds using the Subject Search. They can also leverage our advanced clinical trial search to identify best fits for their patients.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Power Chart


“Partnering with LifeOmic Oncology has globally improved the care we provide our patients and has streamlined workflow for our precision genomics team. In the highly complicated world of genomic technology, having access to reliable expertise and data-assembly results in safer, more efficient care while providing insights to the best therapeutic avenues for our cancer patients.”

- Dr. Bryan Schneider, IU Health

Key Features

Subject Viewer

Subject Viewer

With the LifeOmic Platform, users can easily view pertinent patient information for clinical decision support like clinical data, if genomics test results received, or if treatment recommendations were completed, all in one place within the Subject Viewer.

Insights on the LifeOmic Platform


With Insights on the LifeOmic Platform, users can utilize configurable visualization dashboards to quickly identify trends based on vendor agnostic data aggregation across genomics, wearables, implanted devices, Cerner clinical data and patient reported data. Look across your entire patient population and easily build and store cohorts that enable you to understand which interventions and treatments are most effective for whom.

Omics Explorer

Omics Explorer

The LifeOmic Platform provides a fully integrated Knowledge Base to streamline analysis and annotation of your research and patient data. Easily query and annotate your data using a vast repository of biomedical and genomic information available from public, commercial and private sources.

LifeOmic OCR

LifeOmic OCR

LifeOmic OCR unlocks trapped medical data by importing unstructured documents such as faxes and clinical notes (PDF, JPEG, PNG) and converting them into medical meaning using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

patient Surveys, Informed Consent, and ePRO

Patient Surveys, Informed Consent, and ePRO

The LifeOmic mobile app allows you to survey your patients (or patient cohorts), push custom care plans, present individualized recommendations, manage informed consent, deliver science-backed educational content and monitor your patients’ progress. All data collected through the app is available in the LifeOmic Platform to give you a previously unavailable full view of your patients and their progress.