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ProviderMatch DirectBook allows health systems to enable seamless, direct online appointment scheduling for consumers and access center agents using the Kyruus ProviderMatch® provider search and scheduling platform.

The Kyruus ProviderMatch® suite of provider search and scheduling solutions – for access centers, health system websites, & provider offices – helps health systems match patients with the right providers and deliver a consistent patient experience across points of access. Built on a robust provider data management platform, KyruusOne®, ProviderMatch’s dynamic search engine makes it easy for users to identify the right provider for a patient's unique needs, enhancing both patient and provider satisfaction. ProviderMatch DirectBook allows health systems to offer appointment booking directly into their EHR from ProviderMatch, facilitating a seamless matching and scheduling experience that drives demand conversion. .

Use Cases

  • A consumer who has just moved to a new city needs to find a primary care provider. She runs a search on a local health system’s website (via ProviderMatch) for providers meeting certain criteria (e.g., location, insurance, appointment availability), finds an appropriate provider, views available appointment slots, and schedules an appointment.
  • A consumer needs to see a specialist for a certain medical condition and wants to get an appointment within the next two weeks. He receives a recommendation from another provider and runs a Google search for the specialist. Within the Google results, he clicks the link to the provider’s ProviderMatch profile on the health system’s website, learns more about the provider, views available appointment times, and books an appointment.
  • An access center agent at a health system takes a call from a patient looking to obtain an appointment. The agent learns that the patient needs to see a cardiologist for atrial fibrillation located close to her work - one who accepts her insurance and has near-term availability. The agent uses ProviderMatch to run a search for a provider meeting these criteria, identifies an appropriate provider and, with approval from the patient, books the appointment.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

Powerful Smart Search Experience

Help patients find a provider who meets their unique clinical needs, logistical requirements, and personal preferences.

Comprehensive Provider Profiles

Make it easy for users to learn more about providers at your health system as they evaluate care options and look for the right match.

Real-Time Schedule Availability

Enable users to hone in quickly on a provider's available appointment slots and easily select the most convenient time option.

Straightforward Appointment Booking 

Drive online booking completion with a simple form for capturing patient demographic information for the appointment.

Helpful Appointment Confirmation Page

Close out the booking experience with a helpful page that confirms the booking and provides key details for planning the visit.