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Keona Health, Inc.

Health Desk is a complete Healthcare CRM and telehealth platform designed to enhance safety and performance metrics at every level. Health Desk is the only holistic healthcare CRM built specifically to automate your patient access workflows.

Health Desk personalizes the patient-provider experience, while automating the contact center process. All patient interactions follow your processes and are handled with your standard of care while matching each provider's preferences. Automation delivers higher quality which yields provider and patient satisfaction. At the same time the automation reduces handle time by at least 35% and reduces training time of contact center staff by 50%.

Use Cases

  • Patients use Health Desk whenever they want to arrange their service themselves.
  • Schedulers use Health Desk to automate their complicated scheduling rules in less time while giving them the full patient context.
  • Executives rely on Health Desk for managing patient access workflows in one place and viewing holistic metrics across all patient access avenues.
  • Operations uses Health Desk to improve ease and outcomes for scheduling, prescription refill, nurse triage, and telemedicine.
  • Nurses use Health Desk to automate nurse triage, care coordination, and messaging in one interface with the full patient context.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Intelligent Scheduling

Save scheduling and training time. Easily schedule even complicated, multi-visit appointments, taking full account of provider preferences, patient geo-location, and more.

Natural Language Symptom Checker

Reduce errors and improve satisfaction. Natural language symptom checker guides your schedulers through the right workflows for your hospital or environment, taking into account patient demographics, time of day, location, and more.

Nurse Triage

Optimize patient satisfaction and health education. Nurse Triage assists nurses with clinical assessment relevant to the patient’s need and evidence-based care advice that can be sent afterwards to patients along with health information via secure messaging.


Coach agents and nurses. Get real-time insight into what is happening in every queue, with the ability to drill down to the individual agent level.

Holistic Healthcare CRM

A Healthcare CRM connects and coordinates all services, automates service delivery and is tailored for healthcare remote work.