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Juxly Vault

The intuitive interface guides physicians as they identify codes appropriate for their patients. From there, providers can fully document conditions to meet CMS standards quickly and accurately with just a few mouse clicks. Supporting data such as social history, vitals, and lab results are readily accessible, giving providers exactly what they need to ensure accurate coding and excellent patient care.

Addressing coding complexity through intelligent back-end processing and intuitive provider-centered design, Juxly Vault maximizes accuracy while minimizing the burden on users. Vault addresses the needs of both administrators and providers, improving adoption rates and providing a complete solution readily available at the point of care. By placing the right data directly in providers' hands, the need for retrospective coding is reduced or eliminated, ensuring that a patients' conditions are accurate and completely documented by those who know them best.

Use Cases

  • Before entering the exam room, a specialist quickly and easily reviews a patient's medical record (their last visit, current lab results, and recent diagnostics) to set context and prepare for a patient's referral consultation.
  • An emergency room physician has only moments to review medications, known allergies, recent surgical history and current problems before examining a patient experiencing a severe allergic reaction, and does so on a single screen, quickly scanning for immediately relevant information.
  • A patient asks their primary care provider to re-prescribe a medication that worked well in the past, but that they have not taken in "a year or two." By filtering the Timeline view to completed medications that they have prescribed, the provider immediately discovers the relevant medication order to write a new prescription.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Point-of-Care Coding

Primary care physicians are best placed to accurately code and document their patients' chronic conditions. Juxly Vault fits inside their workflow to make it easy.

At-a-Glance Indicators

Easily identify which codes need documentation (yellow) and which may need to be updated (gray). You can also compare the current patient's RAF score to the average for your system.

Lightning-Fast HCC Search

Click a magnifying glass icon, or type in the Search textbox, to search for related HCC-mapped codes. Juxly Vault immediately returns ICD-10s related to the code description.

Complete Documentation

Easily document conditions to CMS-required standards with a few clicks in each of four sections: Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, and Treatment. Juxly Vault automatically attaches a document to the encounter for audit purposes.

Insightful Analytics

View analytics at the user, practice and system levels to track progress year-to-date and ensure documentation is properly completed.