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Isabel Professional Differential Generator

Isabel Professional is a Curated Machine Learning differential diagnosis generator. Isabel helps clinicians build and broaden their differential and consider all possibilities to mitigate mis or delayed diagnosis.

Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. For over 20 years Isabel Professional, a Curated Machine Learning/NLP based differential diagnosis generator has helped clinicians around the world build and broaden their differential and assist with considering other possibilities during their workup. Isabel is the only tool that is independently validated and is recognized as the broadest and most accurate, covering 6,000 conditions and all specialties. Isabel helps mitigate the risk of mis- or delayed diagnosis improving quality and reducing cost.

Use Cases

  • Isabel professional is used by front line clinicians broaden their differential when they are working up a patient's presentation. Isabel helps clinicians consider additional possibilities in cases where there is a diagnostic conundrum and help get to the correct diagnosis sooner.
  • Isabel is used by frontline clinicians (MD, DO, NP, PA, etc.) to build and broaden their differential. Isabel helps mitigate mis- or delayed diagnosis errors and get to the correct diagnosis sooner. Isabel is used when there is diagnosis uncertainty for example if a patient is admitted without a definitive diagnosis, Isabel is used after 24 hours post admission to consider other possibilities.
  • Isabel is used as an unbiased second opinion and to answer the question "what else could be going on?" or confirm what the provider was thinking. Providing an unbiased source helps mitigate the possibility of biases that lead to diagnostic error.
  • Isabel can also be a useful teaching tool for students and residents as it forces them to consider the most important clinical features and help with clinical reasoning skills when thinking through diagnosis possibilities.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Powerchart and Mpage Isabel Professional Version 7

Key Features

Demographic and Symptoms Entered

When a provider opens Isabel the age , and pregnancy status (if appropriate) will be populated and they can enter the clinical features/signs and symptoms using free text natural language or using the predictive text selections provided. Isabel allows the provider to accurately describe the presentation including social determinants, history of disease and family history, lab and vitals information, etc. in addition to signs and symptoms the patient presents with.

Differential Diagnosis List Returned

Once the clinical features are entered, the provider is presented with a rank ordered (from likely to least likely) list of conditions that could be causing the patient's symptoms. The list contains "red flag" don't miss diagnoses and can be sorted in a number of different ways (eg by specialty) by the provider depending on what they are investigating. The list is to help them consider other possibilities when working up a patient and is not to provide the diagnosis. Each condition on the list is hyperlinked to evidence based content about that condition.

Access to Evidence-Based Reference Sources

A provider can click on a condition and access the Isabel Knowledge page that will display evidence based content about each condition. The Knowledge Page content can be customized to contain referential content the organizational may already have licensed. Access to the content helps the provider determine next steps like which tests to consider or what treatment options are available.

Select Diagnoses to Build Differential in Cerner

If the provider wishes to build a differential in Cerner they can simply check the box next to each condition.

Send Diagnoses to Cerner

Once the conditions are selected, the condition name, ICD-9, ICD-10 and SNOMED codes can be returned to Cerner