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Impella Systems

Impella® Systems is designed to optimize safe care of patients undergoing support with the Impella mechanical circulatory support device by streamlining the calculation of an appropriate anticoagulation rate.

Patients undergoing support with the Impella® mechanical circulatory support device will require anticoagulation with heparin to prevent or decrease risk of thrombus formation. Oftentimes, patients will require additional systemic heparin administration to maintain therapeutic anticoagulation, requiring healthcare professionals to consider both the heparin delivered from the device as well as the systemic rate of heparin administration in their final rate determination. This process allows streamlining the calculations, minimizing the risk of human error, and maximizing the safe care of patients on Impella support.

Use Cases

  • In order to optimize patient safety, Impella Systems uses SMART on FHIR to obtain the necessary heparin requirements for the patient and assists the healthcare provider, through Cerner, in calculating the patient’s systemic IV heparin rate.
  • Impella Systems is used by a healthcare provider when a patient is undergoing support with the Impella mechanical circulatory support device.
  • The healthcare provider can open the calculator from within Cerner and have it launch within their existing workspace without having to login or select the active patient in context again.
  • The healthcare provider will be able to obtain the heparin requirements directly from the patient’s chart, and after entering in a few additional data points, the calculator will assist in final heparin rate determination.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Main Calculator

The patient’s total delivered heparin rate is loaded into the calculator from Cerner. The heparin concentration and purge flow rate are to be entered by the healthcare provider. The app utilizes these two pieces of information to calculate the systemic IV heparin rate.

Medication List

The dropdown allows the healthcare provider to select the patient’s heparin prescription. The latest prescription is used by default, but the healthcare provider also has the option to select an older prescription.

Demographics Support

Clicking on the patient name launches a modal with their demographic information. The Support button is a widget to contact the app distributor and search the knowledge base.