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Intellicure Wound Care App

Intellicure’s Wound Care App is an advanced documentation tool that leads to improved wound healing outcomes, faster charting, enhanced clinical workflow, and optimal charges and reimbursements, while eliminating regulatory burdens.

Intellicure equips wound care providers with tools to deliver the best outcomes for their patients. By leveraging unique technology designed by wound care professionals, Intellicure’s SMART App helps providers document their care faster than ever inside PowerChart, expanding patient volumes. As the provider naturally progresses through the encounter, the App uses proprietary, CMS-recognized algorithms to automatically calculate the appropriate E/M level, assign the correct ICD-10 codes, and generate complete and compliant documentation, resulting in optimal reimbursements. In the chart, providers can use Intellicure’s mobile app to securely upload photos, and easily place DME orders that ship directly to the patient.

Use Cases

  • Wound Care Advanced Practitioners use our specialized tool to document patient encounters quickly and accurately using proprietary, wound-specific Care Plans; optimize care with clinical practice suggestions linked to CMS-approved, wound care-relevant Quality Measures; protect payment with procedure notes that incorporate the required medical necessity language; securely load photos from mobile devices; and automatically calculate the correct E/M level to generate compliant claims.
  • Wound Care Nurses use menu-driven options to quickly record wound characteristics and measurements and to create even, highly complex dressing orders; efficiently and completely document nursing procedures; automate DME orders for NPWT and patient supplies (no faxing); securely and quickly load photos from mobile devices; and perform nursing assessments rapidly with simple to use electronic forms.
  • Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCNs) use our proprietary ostomy templates to document detailed assessments and treatment plans including brand-specific product choices; efficiently document nursing procedures; record patient and caregiver education; and securely and quickly load photos from mobile devices.
  • Floor Nurses use a streamlined version of our specialized tool which allows consistent documentation of wound characteristics that is easy to understand, document dressing changes with brand specific choices, and efficiently record nursing notes.
  • Managers and Administrators use our reporting features to track quality performance, productivity, and patient outcomes including healing rates; reduce overtime and increase documentation quality.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Automatically Generated, Wound-Specific Documentation

A fast, wound-specific method of charting that prevents denials: the provider selects options from relevant drop-down lists and Intellicure does the work right there on the screen, generating CMS-compliant, charge-optimized documentation for everything the physician selected. The Intellicure chart includes all the necessary fields relevant to wound care and hyperbarics that a provider would need; and the App generates text for the provider that meets the letter of the LCD and ensures no money is lost from denials.

Automatic E/M Levels

At the end of each Intellicure chart, CMS-recognized algorithms automatically generate an accurate Level of Service code (E/M Level)based on the documentation completed by the clinical staff. The automatic E/M Level is presented in a table that enables the staff to dig deeper to understand which charting selections factored into that E/M Level code.

Automatic Diagnosis Coding

As the physician or nurse identifies the patient’s problems in the chart, Intellicure assigns the most appropriate ICD-10 codes based on the provider’s clinical inputs. Intellicure never diagnoses for the physician, we offer a solution that ensures the chart accurately represents their conclusions and eliminates time wasted searching for the right codes.

Clinical Decision Support

Intellicure’s Clinical Decision Support engines provide evidence-based treatment and documentation suggestions throughout each chart that, when selected, produce accurate documentation to match the treatment selected. Each chart also includes clinically relevant Best Practice Recommendations and an Individual Quality Scorecard to help the provider ensure their documentation matches the quality of their care and vice versa.

Features Built for Efficiency across the Continuum

Intellicure’s App includes several proprietary features that maximize workflow efficiencies throughout the wound center, like OrderTrak: the DME and nutrition ordering tool inside the chart that not only saves substantial time for staff, but ensures patients receive the correct wound care supplies quickly and without insurance or reimbursement issues. Intellicure’s photo app lets staff use a mobile device to snap and securely upload wound photos directly to the patient’s chart where measurements and progress can be tracked.