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InsightRX provides precision dosing software that helps clinicians optimize dosing regimens, reach clinical targets faster, reduce adverse events, and improve patient outcomes—along with tools to track and understand clinical performance.

InsightRX helps hospitals and health systems transition from one-size-fits-all drug dosing to individualized dosing based on patients’ unique pharmacology. With an end-to-end precision dosing solution, InsightRX provides easy-to-use tools to predict and optimize dosing regimens, reach and maintain clinical targets, measure performance, and monitor clinical outcomes.

Through integration with Cerner, InsightRX Nova extracts patients’ clinical data, including dosing history, labs, and pharmacogenetics, and uses clinically validated quantitative pharmacology models to provide an understanding of each patient’s unique pharmacological response profile. With InsightRX, clinicians can improve efficacy and reduce adverse events for antimicrobial drugs, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy, and many other drugs.

Use Cases

  • A clinical pharmacist is assessing the vancomycin dose for an obese adult patient with high trough levels and AUC. Using InsightRX Nova he is able to select an obesity-specific PK model from the InsightRX library to account for the patient’s high BMI and determine the appropriate dose regimen adjustment to reach a target AUC between 400-600 mg*h/L and achieve lower troughs.
  • An antimicrobial stewardship pharmacy lead is looking to transition her health system from trough-based vancomycin dosing to model-based AUC Bayesian dosing in accordance with the upcoming IDSA guideline. With InsightRX, she is able to standardize dosing practices, increase the percentage of patients within the AUC target goal, and measure improved outcomes across the entire health system.
  • A pediatric infectious disease pharmacist is adjusting a vancomycin dose for a patient developing renal impairment. Using InsightRX Nova and a single blood sample drawn at an arbitrary time convenient for nursing staff, he determines the appropriate dose adjustment to maintain an AUC between 400-600 mg*h/L.
  • A pediatric hematology oncologist and a clinical pharmacist are planning a busulfan conditioning regimen for a patient undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Leveraging InsightRX busulfan PK models and Bayesian forecasting, the team is able to optimize dosing for the patient to quickly achieve and maintain a safe and effective therapeutic exposure levels over the course of treatment.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart.


"After carefully considering other companies in this space, I was impressed by the scientific and technical skills of InsightRX's team to provide state-of-the-art precision dosing products integrated within electronic health record systems.”

Michael Neely, MD, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Key Features

Get your patient to the right dose faster.

InsightRX Nova provides a rich set of features and functionality that enables clinicians to quickly and accurately understand each patient’s pharmacology and determine dosing regimens to achieve therapeutic targets substantially more often than with clinical judgment alone.

Everything that matters at a single glance.

InsightRX Nova automatically imports patient information, dosing history, lab results, PK data, dosing predictions, and outcome measures and shows them to you in an intuitive, all-in-one layout that pharmacists call “the most adaptable, visually appealing, easiest to use.”

All the models you need to assess patients accurately.

Individualized dosing means using the right models for the right patients. Whether you’re treating adults, children, neonates, or special populations, InsightRX Nova comes with all the models you need to get the right dose for the right patient, the first time.

Results you can see and goals you can reach.

Organizational change can be tricky without the right tools. With InsightRX, you can monitor institutional performance on clinical, operational, and adverse event endpoints to ensure your targets are met across drugs, populations, and patient subgroups.

Continually improving accuracy with real-world data.

When you use InsightRX to evaluate a patient’s dosing regimen, not only are you achieving clinical targets with greater accuracy, you’re helping improve accuracy for future patients. The InsightRX platform framework enables continuous learning using real-world clinical data. Over time, the predictive mathematical models behind InsightRX become more accurate, incorporating additional factors to better predict patient pharmacology and treatment response.