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InQuicker enables enterprise-wide online self-scheduling to support your patient acquisition strategy. This white-labeled solution integrates into your website for increased patient access and convenience.

Our cloud-based enterprise-wide online self-scheduling solution, InQuicker, drives appointment volumes and enhances your consumer experience with EDs, urgent cares, physician groups, and ancillary services. InQuicker can stand alone or integrate directly into your EHR, driving increased volumes and enhancing patient satisfaction. With search engine optimization capabilities, your open appointments are presented to more patients as they search for providers online. Approximately 30% of patients using InQuicker are new to the facility, and 90% would recommend the service to family or friends. Lastly, our “Powered By” brand puts your brand first, creating a seamless patient experience with the rest of your web site. .

Use Cases

  • A consumer is at work, not feeling well, and decides to go to an urgent care center. Knowing that he will get off of work at 4pm, he checks in online at a nearby urgent care center for 4:15pm to secure his spot in line and prepare the urgent care center for his visit.

  • A working mom needs to schedule a mammogram. Rather than call during the work day to find and schedule her appointment, she goes to her provider’s website from her phone that evening. She searches locations and times that work with her busy schedule through InQuicker, and schedules her appointment and gets a confirmation without ever picking up the phone.

  • A consumer needs to see a primary care physician and wants to get an appointment within the next two weeks. A local health system is using InQuicker Managed Digital Services (MDS) to attract this patient to their website. The patient finds the hospital through MDS, and is able to use InQuicker provider search to find the next available appointment with a provider at a location nearby.

  • A marketing department wants to run a specific campaign targeting patients who are “new movers”. Using data provided by InQuicker and the InQuicker API embedded in their microsite, the team sends targeted content to their audience to deliver new patients to their system. This same marketer then uses InQuicker’s integration with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to calculate the return-on-investment from their marketing efforts.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

InQuicker Inventory Page

InQuicker integrates directly to Cerner appointment types for a seamless booking experience. There is no username and password required, so both new and existing patients can use the system.

InQuicker Booking Page

Cerner takes patient details from the booking process and does a patient match to find the correct existing patient in the EHR, or creates a new patient if there is no match.

InQuicker Mammography Scheduling

Together, InQuicker and Cerner can also book appointments for high-value resources, like mammography screenings, just like we do for providers.


InQuicker offers an API that allows our partners to seamlessly integrate scheduling into their web assets.


InQuicker provides robust reporting and analytics to further extend the value of the solution.