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Innovaccer unifies patient data across systems and care settings through bidirectional interoperability. Innovaccer empower providers and payers with scalable applications that improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for tangible ROI.

The Innovaccer Platform establishes seamless interoperability between legacy, current, and other healthcare IT systems. The platform aggregates and "cleans" the data from multiple sources; “hydrates” the data to enable application usage; “activates” the data to make it useable in integrated workflows; and lastly, “harmonizes” the data to ensure it’s synchronized across systems and care settings. Innovaccer’s population health management suite helps providers achieve better outcomes, patient experiences, reduced care and administrative costs, and improved revenue regardless of where they are on their journey to value—from FFS payment models, to Alternative Payment Models (such as ACOs), to population-based payment (full risk).

Use Cases

  • Data integration
    The Innovaccer platform retrieves, cleans, and curates data from diverse sources, including EHRs, pharmacies, lab, HIE, claims, etc. at a fraction of the cost and in significantly less time. The platform's sophisticated integration technology and thousands of data quality business rules guarantee rapid time-to-value, measured in days or weeks. This coupled with semantic normalization, patient matching, and aggregation, ensures users work with high-quality curated data, optimizing their efficiency.

  • Intelligent Point-of-Care Insights to Address Quality and Coding Gaps
    Access real-time analytics on patient data aggregated from a wide range of sources to enable smart and actionable insights at the point of care and close quality and coding gaps. Ensure timely capturing of supporting documents for claims during the patient visit to reduce primary claims denial rates. Using Cerner’s FHIR APIs, accepted codes can be seamlessly added to the EHR in real-time.

  • Integrated Care Management Solution for Improved Patient Experience
    Go beyond the traditional hospital setting to truly engage patients with care teams, actively track care management activities, ED, and emergency visit history, and collect social vulnerability data. Access a 360-degree patient view to improve patient satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Using Cerner’s FHIR APIs, clinical documentation can be added to the EHR in real-time.

  • SDoH Indicators and Assessments to Drive Health Equity
    Leverage the results of SDoH assessments and Innovaccer’s proprietary Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) scores to guide patients to the appropriate community resources, thereby improving health access and patient well-being for vulnerable and underserved communities.

Available in These Countries

  • USA

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

InNote Version 8.1.0, InCare version 2.41.0

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Latest version of app includes the following updates:

  • Potential Coding Gaps
  • Quality Gaps
  • EMR writeback of Diagnostic Codes
  • Visit Timeline
  • Referral Platform


“With Innovaccer, we found a partner that can help us further our mission to provide better care and enhance outcomes for our patient population, by ensuring we can scale our transformation strategy as we grow.”

inVio Health Network CEO Bill Gerard, MD, Prisma Health

Banner Health's mission is to 'make healthcare easier, so that life can be better. Technology plays a critical role in our efforts to create a robust population health management strategy. In our partnership with Innovaccer, we are confident in our path forward."

Julie Smith, vice president of clinical applications at Banner Health

Key Features

Close Coding Gaps

Close Coding Gaps

Innovaccer’s InNote is the point-of-care solution for Clinicians and Admin Staff, enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes. InNote provides insights such as open coding opportunities to the provider or clinical staff member. The user can then instantly write back selected codes to their Cerner EMR with minimal clicks.

Enable Integrated Workflows

Enable Integrated Workflows

Innovaccer’s InNote consolidates patient information, enables in-network referrals, addresses care gaps, synchronizes workflows, and enhances coordination for improved clinical outcomes. InNote offers fast activation, actionable insights, 360° Patient View, identifies quality gaps, reviews persistent conditions and facilitates Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) communications.

Streamline Care Management

Streamline Care Management

Innovaccer’s InCare care management tool streamlines healthcare operations by automating processes such as patient assignments, outreach, and workflows.

Unified Patient Care

Unified Patient Care

Innovaccer’s InCare offers comprehensive Patient-360 profiles, integrating medical data for a holistic view of patient health and facilitating patient-centered care. Efficiency and ROI dashboards allow care teams to assess staff efficiency and program effectiveness, with automated Chronic Care Management billing and seamless interoperability with EMRs including clinical document synchronization.