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Infera HCC Assistant

HCC Assistant by Inferscience is an integrated application that analyzes the patient’s EHR record in real-time, providing physicians and coders with on-demand risk adjustment guidance.

HCC Assistant by Inferscience dramatically improves HCC coding accuracy by automating retrospective and prospective chart reviews. Physicians and coders can analyze the patient’s entire clinical record in seconds, and capture HCC codes with just a few clicks. Plan of care information can be written to the patient’s chart [and audited against MEAT criteria]. The HCC Assistant helps improve patients’ RAF scores by identifying new HCC coding opportunities, and closing existing HCC coding and claims gaps. In 2020, Inferscience customers analyzed over one million clinical encounters, documented an additional 1.03 codes per patient, and improved average patients’ RAF scores by 0.18.

Use Cases

  • HCC Assistant analyzes the patient’s entire electronic record in seconds, and displays prospective HCC codes and supporting information. The user can quickly and easily review and document pertinent HCC codes. The HCC Assistant features workflows for both coders and physicians.
  • The HCC Assistant automatically runs in the background while the provider completes their clinical documentation.
  • Physicians, mid-levels, and other clinicians can use HCC Assistant to document suggested HCC codes at the point of care. Coders can use HCC Assistant in pre-visit and prospective workflows. Coders can scrub the patient’s chart before the clinical encounter, and save HCC codes for the provider to later review and document.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Real-time HCC Coding Suggestions

Uses NLP and sophisticated HCC algorithms to quickly analyze the patient’s chart, provide HCC code suggestions, and estimate the increase to the patient’s RAF score.

Proven ROI

Helps improve RAF scores by closing gaps in existing HCC documentation and identifying new suspect HCC codes based on clinical documentation. We also provide the user with supporting documentation and insight into why a code was suggested.

Advanced Rules Engine

Patient information is analyzed in real-time with advanced NLP technology, providing clinicians with information about the source of all patient details used in the analysis.