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IMO Core cSmart

IMO Core cSmart is a workflow that captures all the right codes behind the scenes and guides clinicians to document with specificity, capture HCCs, and make problem lists more useful.

IMO – the industry-leader in clinical terminology that’s used by over 95% of acute Cerner hospitals – brings an enhanced clinical documentation experience to Cerner Millennium. IMO Core cSmart facilitates complete and accurate coding at the point of care with a built-in intuitively guided secondary code workflow that leaves no condition or comorbidity under coded. IMO Core cSmart helps reduce clinician HIT burden, boost RAF scores, and create better clinical data to inform care. Additionally, IMO Core cSmart helps clinicians easily organize and maintain accurate and concise problem lists.

Use Cases

  • Primary Care Physician addresses a patient’s adult-onset diabetes mellitus. The patient has been on long-term insulin, but over time, has developed Stage 3 renal disease secondary to diabetes. IMO Core cSmart easily helps guide the physician to document the specificity of Type 2 diabetes, the patient’s long-term insulin use, and details of the renal disease. This, in turn, supports links to the appropriate ICD-10 codes and captures the provider’s clinical intent. With a single action, this diagnosis is also added to the problem list, aiding other providers during future encounters.

  • An elderly male patient presents at the Emergency Department with chest pain. The Emergency Physician needs to quickly assess the patient’s current medical conditions. Within seconds, the physician quickly reviews the organized problem list and finds the “cardiac and vascular” section. The physician sees that this patient has an abnormal exercise stress test, high cholesterol, and is non-compliant with his lipid-lowering medication, all without having to search through the entire problem list.

  • Billing Specialist is ready to submit for payment of an encounter for a patient with Type 2 diabetes mellitus with stage 3 chronic kidney disease and long-term current use of insulin. Since IMO Core cSmart supports complex conditions, all primary and secondary codes were captured at the point of care when the diagnosis was selected. Furthermore, all HCCs were addressed through effective prompts and HCC prioritization within IMO Core cSmart.

Supported Countries

  • USA

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Standalone web application compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Precise Coding at the Point of Care

Building on IMO’s industry-leading clinical terminology, IMO Core cSmart’s coding workflow makes it easy to document problems with specificity and secondary codes. The optimized IMO search experience accounts for misspellings and acronyms while capturing specific ICD-10 codes behind the scenes. The level of precision embedded into this workflow assures coding is current, comprehensive, and non-disruptive downstream in the revenue cycle.

A Maintained and Informative Problem List

IMO Core cSmart helps make the problem list a useful dashboard with the most pertinent patient data displayed on a single screen organizing by clinical category. In addition, IMO Core cSmart helps maintain the relevancy of the problem list by identifying duplicate, outdated, or redundant problems. With IMO Core problem lists are a more meaningful and convenient aid before, during, and after a patient encounter.

Risk and Chronic Care Indicators

IMO Core cSmart identifies unaddressed HCCs to improve risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores to optimize reimbursement. By flagging unaddressed HCCs, clinicians easily identify chronic conditions, proactively identify care needs, while capturing the necessary coding details behind the scenes to improve billing.|