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Ciox HealthSource securely manages release of information through digital workflows. The system codifies consent and authorization requirements for ROI requests and follows standard operating procedures as specified by healthcare organizations.

Digital ROI uses digital technology and automation to dramatically improve processes, compliance, and financial performance, while delivering a superior experience to healthcare providers and patients. Digital ROI results in improved operational efficiency, lower turnaround times for requests for information, and improved patient satisfaction.

Use Cases

  • Digital Release of Information
    Ciox Healthsource, powered by Datavant Switchboard, allows for the digital intake and fulfillment of requests for information. Records retrieval is faster and more accurate with the use of industry accepted FHIR APIs. This application integration automates the retrieval of information that is collected manually by Ciox front line staffing working with your Health Information Management Department.

  • Patient Request
    Ciox Patient Request offers patients a simple, intuitive online request form and secure, electronic delivery or their requested records.

  • Risk Adjustment & Public Disability Requests
    Ciox Medicare Risk allows for payors to request and fulfill requests for risk adjustment audits and efficiently and securely deliver those to payors.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop


“IU Health has had a long-term partnership with Ciox for release of information (ROI). We recently completed the implementation of Cerner Code, Cerner’s API, which allows for more efficient, digital fulfillment of requests. From an HIM perspective, the implementation didn't take much time; we simply provided templates and guidance as needed. The API implementation is the first step we are taking to adopt digital ROI to continue to streamline our ROI processes. Now with the API in place, the IU Health and Ciox teams can spend more time helping patients.”

- Kristi Shaffer, RHIA, RCS Manager, Health Information Management

Key Features

Healthsource Workflow image

Healthsource Workflow

Healthsource allows for secure intake of patient requests of all types. Healthsource offers edelivery and digital fulfillment of request for information through connection with Cerner’s Ignite FHIR API platform.

Patient Request image

Patient Request

Healthsource allows for patients to digitally request and have it fulfilled in minutes with Ciox Patient Request. Patients can request records through a secure portal, and receive their records via edelivery through the secure portal.

Digital QA image

Digital QA

Healthsource automates the quality control process for all releases logged in healthsource, ensuring releases are complete and compliant in order to minimize unauthorized disclosures.