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The HealthDecision suite of clinical decision support tools streamline clinician-patient discussions regarding benefits and harms of medical options. It displays personalized guidelines and dynamically illustrates risk to support meaningful shared decision-making conversations at the point of care, all within the Cerner Millennium EHR workflow.

HealthDecision, a product of EBSCO Health, is an EHR-integrated software platform combining clinician decision support with shared decision-making (SDM) tools for clinicians and patients to discuss the benefits and harms associated with medical options.

Built by physicians for physicians and their patients, the HealthDecision software suite contains tools that improve decisions about treating cardiovascular risk (statins, tobacco), atrial fibrillation (anticoagulation), osteoporosis (bisphosphonates), and screening for lung and breast cancers. These tools are updated when new guidelines are released and can be customized for institution-specific guidelines as well. Additional tools are in development.

The HealthDecision platform is integrated into the clinician’s existing workflow within the EHR using SMART and FHIR integration standards; displays the latest medical guidelines; performs necessary risk calculations; and documents SDM, which is increasingly required for reimbursement. Based on patient-specific data, the platform provides a personalized risk assessment, visually depicting the harms and benefits of each medical option to improve the patient’s comprehension of risk. For administrative purposes, HealthDecision can provide clinician usage data to support quality metrics, billing, and care optimization.

Use Cases

  • On the inpatient service, a patient with newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation wants to know about anticoagulation options. A nurse practitioner on the inpatient cardiology consult service uses the atrial fibrillation tool with the patient and additional family members to illustrate the trade-offs between reduced strokes and increased bleeding. The resulting decision is more in line with the patient’s values.
  • An older gentleman, still smoking cigarettes asks his physician for advice regarding CT screening for lung cancer. Using the HealthDecision tool, the patient and physician learn together that the benefit from CT screening seems rather small in this patient. However, a slightly higher benefit can be gained by quitting smoking and the patient selects that choice.
  • A 45-year-old woman with a positive family history of breast cancer, meets with her physician to discuss the value of screening mammograms. After using the HealthDecision mammography tool, she learns that her baseline risk is small so the benefits are small as well. She decides to wait ‘till age 50 to reconsider screening. Her physician gives her a printed summary of the conversation and some reading material about breast density and over-diagnosis, which are new concepts for her.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

Atrial Fibrillation Tool

The decision tab displays the patient's personalized risk of stroke and major bleeds while visually illustrating the impact of warfarin.

Breast Cancer Screening Tool

HealthDecision tools create a visit summary that can be printed out for patient education.

Lung Cancer Screening Tool

The decision tab now features the choice to see the impact of the patient quitting smoking today. Providing the patient and clinician logical icon arrays that demonstrate the change in risk based on choices made.