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Health Note

Health Note is a pre-visit, clinical platform that automates provider notes, intake, consent forms, and check-in. Health Note deeply integrates with Cerner to streamline workflows while improving the patient experience.

Health Note gathers information from patients and creates structured clinical notes within Cerner EHR. Demographics, symptoms, HPI, ROS, and more are complete prior to patient arrival. 80%+ of patients complete prior to arrival because it's incredibly easy and efficient. Health Note significantly decreases manual data entry for providers and staff, while also decreasing no-shows, and optimizing the care experience. Health Note is currently being used by ambulatory practices and health care systems around the country and has proven to be uniquely effective with elderly and low-technology experienced patients.

Use Cases

  • Digital Patient Intake, Check-in, and Registration:
    Digital check-in platform collects and enters information such as demographics, symptoms, ID cards and insurance, even consent signatures. For return patients, intake information auto-populates for patient reconciliation into Health Note and into structured Cerner fields and notes. Patients who don't fill in their Health Note before their visit can use iPads at the clinic. Curbside check-in is also available.

  • Physician, NP, and PA-C Clinical Intake Notes, and Screenings Automation:
    Health Note reviews clinic appointment schedules and sends text messages or e-mails patients. Message content varies based on visit type. Messages contain a unique and secure link to the Health Note chatbot. Patients click a link and the chatbot opens on their phone or computer. No downloading or sign-in required. A clinical note is written in real-time as the conversation progresses, and then the data is synced & sent into Cerner Powerchart.

  • Intelligent Conversations:
    Adaptive questions are created via Health Note's platform, based on appointment type and medical or surgical specialty, patient situations/inputs using underlying complex clinical decision trees. Dynamic clinical algorithms are customized per specialty and practice, including standardized screening exams.

  • Reminders, Texting, and Pre-Procedural Prep and Education:
    Health Note has been shown to decrease no shows, including analysis that found a 95% correlation between patients who fill out their Health Note and subsequently show up for their appointment. Optimize time with patients. Streamline in-person and telemedicine patient visits. Patients can be texted automated reminders prior to visits and procedures with automated and timed instructions.

  • Reputation Management:
    Improve your online reputation to attract new patients and grow your patient population. For patients who are unhappy, immediately alert the relevant staff. For those who had a great experience, enable and encourage them to leave a review, on Google, Yelp, and/or other endemic or social media platforms.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other

Version Details

Compatible Cerner platforms (Powerchart, patient portal, mobile devices, etc.)

Seamless back-end system integration with Cerner Scheduling Appointment Book and Powerchart

Single sign-on launch from Powerchart into the Health Note dashboard


"Health note has been an amazing addition to our clinic. We created a better workflow and have more accurate information in the chart. They have a great team and are easy to work with. Absolutely worth the investment and the ROI was obvious!!"


"It's the first time I've never heard one complaint about a change made in the clinic. The Health Note CEO is a clinician and it shows. I hope it's as useful for you as it's been for us!"

Key Features

How Health Note Works

Health Note improves the patient care experience and restores joy in practice for health care providers. Health Note's frictionless platform sends a text and/or e-mail to patients before their visit. The link opens a chatbot that presents patients with a customizable series of branched logic questions, collected during the intake process.

Simplifying Patient Check-in

As the patient fills out the questionnaire, Health Note inputs the responses into a structured, billable note that will be sent back to Cerner upon completion of the questionnaire, reducing the administrative burden to each patient for a user-friendly check-in process, and auto-populating the information into a visit note.

Enabling Better Patient Care

Health Note recognizes how important it is for health care to be patient-centered and accessible. We pride ourselves on being extremely user-friendly while maintaining the highest privacy standards. Health Note transitions the conversation from exploratory to confirmatory, improving diagnosis, treatment, and experience for all stakeholders.

Reducing Administrative Investment

One-click access to virtual Telehealth visits for patients complement the Cerner-embedded video technology for providers. User-friendly Secure Messaging available for connecting your entire organization.

Configurable to Your Patients and Practice

The intake forms are customizable to support a variety of visit types based on the provider's specific needs which enhances the patient experience, while in parallel reducing clinician burnout & administrative burden. Health Note's mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn enable doctors to have accurate, up-to-date, clinical-grade, patient-generated health records at the right place and time across Cerner's health information network and operations.