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GetWell Loop

Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with GetWell Loop.

With GetWell Loop, care teams can engage patients across their care journey through automated virtual check-ins. GetWell Loop identifies patients in real time who need help. Care teams are able to reach more patients, proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate, and patients feel like their care team is engaged at every step.

  • Engage patients before and after admission with automated daily check-ins
  • Facilitate seamless transitions and maintain continuity in care
  • Receive actionable data that provides a real-time window into the patient's status
  • Identify early intervention opportunities in real time
  • Drive positive provider reviews/ratings

Use Cases

  • Increase Patient Loyalty + Market Share. GetWell Loop elevates the patient experience by making patients feel like their care teams are there every step of the way. Patients view GetWell Loop as an extension of their care team and attribute the positive experience and connectivity to their provider. The solution tracks and monitors patients’ likelihood to recommend and guides patients to provide feedback. In fact, 93% of GetWell Loop patients are extremely likely to recommend their providers. On average, GetWell Loop providers see an online review star rating increase of one star, translating to an 11% increase in net promoter score. In addition to providing a fantastic experience, GetWell Loop’s daily patient check-ins offer care teams the ability to guide patients to the appropriate next setting of care and to recommend in-network services, further increasing patient loyalty.
  • Improve Outcomes + Lower Cost of Care. Using daily check-ins, care teams guide patients through their care journey using empathetic language and clear guidance to increase overall care compliance. Based on those automated patient interactions, clinical teams are alerted to patients that may be experiencing treatment failure or a worsening state of health. Escalation can prevent worsening complications, emergency room visits, and readmissions. GetWell Loop has been proven to reduce readmissions by 45% and complications by 54%, as well as to improve patient comprehension by 45%. On average, 92% of GetWell Loop patients report being discharged to home. GetWell Loop patients are 15% more likely to be discharged to home compared to national average discharge-to-home rates.
  • Optimize Care Team Efficiency. Limited time and resources mean that care teams are only able to manage a fraction of their patient populations. By providing a real-time look at patient recovery and risk, GetWell Loop helps care team members reach the right patients at the right time, reducing call volume and unnecessary office visits and increasing the number of patients that the care team can reach without adding additional staff. In fact, 84% of GetWell Loop patients report that GetWell Loop helped them avoid unnecessary phone calls or office visits.
  • Collect Patient Reported Outcomes. GetWell Loop also captures and reports Patient Reported Outcome Measures. Patients get used to receiving communication through the GetWell Loop platform and are later more responsive to surveys sent through the same medium. PROMs collection rates for GetWell Loop clients are 76% with no additional work from the care teams.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Stay Connected with Patients

Patients are prompted with daily digital check-ins, orienting them to timely, guided action items and information on how to prepare for surgery, what to expect and, afterward, where they should be in their recovery. Patients can send in photos or questions to their care team. With GetWell Loop, patients feel like their care teams are there every step of the way.

Improve Patient Visibility and Connectivity

Care teams can provide encouragement, answer patient questions, manage concerns, and triage inbound alerts. GetWell Loop alerts clinicians and first responders to patients that may be experiencing treatment failure or a worsening state of health so they can proactively intervene.

Care Team Dashboard for Alert and Communication Monitoring

GetWell Loop’s clinical dashboard, care team members can monitor patient activation, engagement, satisfaction, PROMs, and progress towards recovery. The dashboard can also be used to monitor time spent by care team members reviewing data, timeliness of responses to patient alerts or handoffs, and PROMs completion rates.