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Evidently automatically organizes and summarizes important information from medical records so clinicians can focus on high-level medical reasoning and deliver faster, better care.

Evidently is a clinical decision support app with a unique Cognitive AI engine that understands medical concepts such as disorders, labs, medications, procedures, and findings, as well as how they are all related. It automatically indexes and summarizes content in structured and unstructured records based on semantics and meaning. Save time using Evidently to have relevant data delivered to you right when you need it.

Use Cases

  • At point of care, clinicians use Evidently within PowerChart to quickly summon information they need, so they are not constantly distracted by countless low-level cognitive tasks such as clicking, scrolling, and skimming.

  • For documentation (including pre-charting), Evidently automatically synthesizes and visualizes information relevant to the encounter, so the physician or assistant can simply copy the compiled content (both text and graphics) into the note.

  • Specialists (e.g., cardiologists and oncologists) use Evidently to review new patients several times faster than they normally would (e.g., 5 min vs 30 min) because Evidently automatically extracts and summarizes all relevant information for them – all the while enabling a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s conditions.

  • Provider organizations use Evidently in CDI programs to ensure accurate and specific clinical documentation, in revenue cycle management to improve coding quality, and in various initiatives to reduce clinical variation and improve quality of care.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Dynamic Problem List

Evidently maintains a Dynamic Problem List that's cleanly organized and always in sync with the chart. Never worry about outdated problem lists or needing to maintain them.

Problem Oriented View

Given any clinical problem, Evidently automatically extracts and summarizes all relevant information based on all available patient data and clinical knowledge.

Progressive Abstraction

Evidently organizes information using progressive abstraction layers that smoothly bridge the gap between clinician mental models (problems and concepts) and default data organization (sources and modalities).

Universal Evidence

Clinicians need relevant, reliable, and complete information to perform their jobs. Evidently meets that need by backing all data elements with grounded evidence.

Full Provenance

Evidently brings the right data at the right time in the right way. It does not presume an ability to abstract all the nuances in medical communications, and does not stand in the way between you and the original information sources.