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EvidenceCare is the only clinical decision support tool that makes patient-specific, actionable, evidence-based treatment recommendations accessible to providers at the bedside, in as little as 30 seconds.

The practice of evidence-based care reduces clinical variability, mitigates costly diagnostics/treatments that often go unreimbursed, and improves patient outcomes. Designed by a physician for the way physicians work, EvidenceCare walks providers through considerations and rules that define appropriate care and illustrate risks around decisions made. Unlike typical clinical support tools, EvidenceCare’s innovative interface is highly-intuitive and delivers only the most relevant evidence and guidelines. All clinical decisions and citations are synched with the EHR, delivering complete documentation in moments.

Use Cases

  • EvidenceCare delivers timely and relevant treatment recommendations to providers when they need it most.
  • Clinicians are guided through a series of considerations that define appropriate care and illustrate risks.
  • EvidenceCare accelerates providers’ clinical workflow by delivering guidance on the appropriate assessment, diagnostic, and therapeutic options for each patient.
  • EvidenceCare minimizes risk, reduces alert fatigue, and injects meaningful engagement into the limited time physicians have with patients.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Version Details

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart.

Launches within the EHR as an MPage


“EvidenceCare’s product aligns with our commitment to quality care. I’m excited that it will ensure our providers are continuing to improve outcomes and enhancing patient relationships by using the latest, evidence-based protocols that are specific to each patient.”

Bill Sheahan, Corporate Vice President and Director of MedStar Health SiTEL

Key Features

EvidenceCare: Our Evidence. Your Care.

Each EvidenceCare protocol encompasses the best-practice approach to Assessment, Risk Stratification, Workup, Treatment, and Care Transition for a patient with such condition.

As a provider utilizes a protocol and is guided down the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic decisions for that particular patient, we build the Orders, Patient Education, and EHR Documentation.

Integrated Risk Assessment: Support when you need it most.

Clinically validated risk assessment tools are incorporated directly in the protocols as calculators, such that a provider can utilize these directly within their clinical workflow to appropriately risk stratify their patient.

Patient Education: Clinical Care Summary to promote shared decision-making.

Patient satisfaction doubles when patients are presented with clear, easy-to-understand information. EvidenceCare captures the selections made throughout the encounter and generates a Care Summary that includes the clinical evidence used to support the care decisions made for that patient.

EHR Documentation: Designed for the way clinicians work.

The EHR Documentation feature accelerates provider’s clinical documentation and includes all of the relevant data, guidelines, and clinical policies that support that course.