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At EveryDose, we're dedicated to improving medication adherence with innovative, easy-to-use digital solutions. Our AI-powered platform bridges gaps between patients and clinicians, leading to healthier populations and fewer readmissions.

When patients don't take their medications, avoidable hospitalizations happen. With EveryDose, patients and clinicians get the tools they need to improve medication adherence, and health systems get what they desire most - better outcomes.

EveryDose provides patients with an intuitive, EHR-synced mobile app and enables clinicians to monitor real-time medication adherence in Cerner. Patients can easily stay on track with automated medication reminders and personalized nudges, and clinicians get the actionable data they need to improve care.

Using EveryDose's powerful digital platform, patients and clinicians get the most out of prescribed medications.

Use Cases

  • A cancer patient is nervous he won't remember when and how to take his new chemotherapy pills. His oncologist sends him an invitation to the EveryDose mobile app, where his medication regimen is auto-populated. The patient will now receive automated medication reminders, and his oncologist will have access to real-time medication compliance data in Cerner.

  • A hospital system has recently been penalized for high readmission rates in their Heart Failure population. Now, with EveryDose, patients leave the hospital with their medication list automatically synced to their smartphones, and the hospital's Transitions team can view live adherence insights during the critical post-discharge period, helping to reduce readmissions.

  • An intake nurse meets with a patient who can only remember 4 of the 5 medications she takes. Since the patient uses EveryDose, the nurse can fill in any medication history gaps by accessing her current medication list, including OTC drugs present in the EveryDose app but not present in Cerner.

  • A rheumatoid arthritis patient on Methotrexate has a toothache. She decides to take Aspirin and inputs it into her EveryDose mobile app. The app's AI technology recognizes a potential major interaction between Methotrexate and Aspirin and alerts both her and her rheumatologist immediately, avoiding a dangerous medication error.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

  • Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Adherence information on demand

Quickly assess a patient's overall medication adherence to identify potential issues before they occur.

Detailed data when you need it

Gain deeper insight into which medications were taken and when, and which ones a patient might have skipped or missed.

Easy patient onboarding

In a few simple clicks, invite patients to enroll in the EveryDose mobile app and auto-sync their medications directly from Cerner.


Seamless data integration

Our SmartSync technology ensures that medication lists are always up-to-date, preventing medication errors and keeping clinicians and patients on the same page.

Patient empowerment through technology

Feel confident that your patients are fully equipped to manage their medications with our easy-to-use mobile app.