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Epion Check-In

With Epion, healthcare organizations realize extraordinary patient engagement—from 68% to 90%. Collect patient-entered data from most patients in advance and save 15 to 20 minutes of staff time per patient.

Epion Health's platform provides healthcare organizations with a proven means of collecting high-quality, patient-entered data before their visit with real-time Cerner integration. With Epion's barrier-eliminating patient experience, new healthcare organizations realize significant patient engagement and a series of measurable, material and repeatable benefits:

  • Front desk and clinical workflow efficiencies
  • Increased TOS collections
  • Reduced exam time
  • Labor and materials savings
  • More accurate billing codes
  • Improved quality scores and outcomes
  • 94% patient satisfaction rating

Epion's on-the-fly feature allows staff to push out text messages and forms to patients on demand, accommodating walk-ins and unplanned needs.

Use Cases

  • Epion Check-In is a digital check-in software designed for health systems and medical groups.

  • Patients enter all information required for their appointment using their mobile phone or any web-connected device. Epion's unique patient engagement platform and rules engine deliver streamlined workflows for staff and providers and optimize patient volume.

  • Patient-entered data is updated in real time within Cerner EHR.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner PowerChart

Key Features

Frictionless patient experience

Epion uses a directed flow patient experience and rules engine to make sure patients only enter what is relevant for their appointment. With Epion, there are no downloads, no IDs and no passwords!

Upstream data collection

With Epion, all data and payments required for an appointment are collected in advance of an in-office or telehealth appointment, reducing staff time by 15-20 minutes per patient.

Data is never lost!

With Epion, data entered by patients are updated in real time with the Cerner EHR—so even when a session is interrupted, data is never lost!

Like adding an FTE at a fraction of the cost!

Using Epion Check-In delivers time savings equal to hiring one-fourth of an FTE at every front desk, plus one-fourth of a Medical Assistant FTE for every doctor. Having Epion is like having an extra FTE, at a tenth of the cost!