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Emmi SMART on FHIR streamlines access to engaging and interactive materials that educate patients. Clinicians can preview and recommend content to motivate and empower patients to make positive changes.

Emmi SMART on FHIR provides one place in the patient record for searching, previewing, and sending educational materials recommended for the patient. The resources are integrated into the workflow, so clinicians can easily assign appropriate content to motivate and encourage patients to make positive behavior changes that can lead to improved health. Clinicians can be confident in these recommendations because they’re edited and reviewed by the team that produces UpToDate, the world’s leading clinical decision resource. With this alignment, patients receive content rooted in the same clinical evidence used by their clinicians.

Use Cases

  • The Emmi Smart on FHIR app provides a new access point for clinicians or care managers to order Emmi patient education and multi-media content within the workflow. The app can save the care team valuable time by suggesting content that is contextual to the patient and allowing it to be viewed before it is assigned to ensure it meets the patient’s needs. Additionally, the app can track the patient’s progress of the assigned materials, which allows the clinician to follow-up accordingly and improves patient support.
  • The Emmi Smart on FHIR app is used at the point of care and supports manually entering a search term or using the patient’s profile in the EMR to display a list of relevant results based on pre-existing conditions, procedures or medications. After reviewing the list, the clinician can assign the selected content and send it to the patient portal and email. To accommodate multiple communication styles, the patient also receives a printed copy of the information.
  • The Emmi Smart on FHIR app allows patients to receive high-quality, relevant and evidence-based content. Once the clinician assigns the content, it is sent to the patient’s portal and email so they have simple and convenient access to the information. Patients benefit by being able to access content that they will enjoy—on their preferred device.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

Recommendations and Ability to Preview

Recommended Education saves the clinician valuable time by populating content suggestions based on the patient’s profile in the EMR. To provide the most appropriate education topics, recommendations are derived from external mapping such as SNOMED, ICD10 and RxNorm. A filtering functionality has also been included to enable the user to control the view of the suggested content that is being presented. Clinicians can easily preview content to confirm that it meets the patient’s needs prior to assigning it. With Recommended content that is easy to preview, clinicians can easily assign targeted materials that can help to improve their patients’ health outcomes.

History of what was shared previously

The ‘previously shared’ tab provides the clinician with valuable insight on educational resources that have already been assigned to the patient, making it easy to check the date assigned, clinician who assigned it, and the date it was completed. By having this level of detail, the clinician can decide to re-assign or re-print the same content or select a different resource that has not been assigned.


The comprehensive set of educational resources are designed to be easily understood by patients. Not only do they target a 5th-grade reading level, but they are accessible in multiple languages. All content is available in English and Spanish, and the majority of leaflets are available in 19 languages. The default language is English and the user can use the drop-down menu to change this selection.