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Elsevier’s Clinical Skills

Every day, nurses face tough care questions they didn’t anticipate. With Elsevier’s Clinical Skills, your nurses will feel more supported with fast, easy access to the evidence-based guidance they need.

Nursing staff shortages remain a top concern, emanating challenges across healthcare organizations. With Elsevier’s Clinical Skills EHR app, you’ll put trusted guidance right in your nurses workflow which ensures they have the latest clinical guidelines to practice with confidence and consistency. Your nurses won’t have to remember a separate login with single sign-on (SSO), and they can personalize content with saved searches, favorite skills, and viewing history. Plus, it promotes a deeper understanding with 3D videos that visualize the physiological mechanisms and outcomes of various procedures. Nurse leaders can leverage analytics to track usage and remediate knowledge gaps.

Available in These Countries

  • United States of America

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features


Immediate Access to Essential Skills

With the demands on your nurses, it’s no longer viable to house evidence-based guidance several clicks away from the EHR workflow and hope they will seek it out. Clinical Skills brings evidence-based skills and procedures directly into your nurses’ workflow.


Search Clinical Skills right in the clinical workflow

Clinical Skills becomes a new tab within the EHR, leveraging single sign-on so your nurses don’t have to remember a separate login. And, the more each nurse uses the app, the more they will see personalized content with recent searches, favorite skills, and viewing history.


Stay current on the latest practice changes

With healthcare continually evolving, give your nurses easy access to evidence-based practice changes along with notes or customizations specific to your facility.


Quick access to favorites and key skills

When there’s a skill used often, your nurses can add it to their favorites and have quick, easy access whenever needed.

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